• I think geometry is harder because it's a bit hard to imagine how things like planes can look but i suppose everyone is different.
  • geometry
  • They are two totally different animals, and depends on your aptitude to each math language. In algebra you manipulate numbers, in geometry you learn spacial and theoretical theroms and postulates (theories, and statements considered to be true about certain objects)I enjoy both. but i think you are required to take both, they are not hard IMO. Trig is hard and I only have college algebra, not statistics or calculus or higher. I've taught myself some theoretical math and concepts such as fractals and chaos theory. To have fun, look up animated fractal equations, I saw one on you tube.
  • Nothings harder.It's all in mind.
  • Geometry, algebra is for babies.
  • I had a really crappy teacher for geometry so to me that's a lot harder.
  • Neither one. It totally depends on the person. Algebra is pure math, Geometry is logic.
  • If you like equations, algebra is easier. If you like circles and triangles, geometry is easier. I personally prefer algebra over geometry since you're dealing with arithmetic of x and y.
  • Algebra in its more extreme forms is probably harder but can be handled by rote memorization of formulas. Geometry requires a different form of thought that pure "number jugglers" often have trouble with. Once you get past classical geometry into trigonometry, the memorization and number juggling takes over again. +5

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