• Course it is. Just tell the person you're living with the situation, and they shouldn't have any problem with it.
  • If that's all it was you wouldn't need to talk about it.
  • Why ask us? Ask your S/O. Those are the feelings to consider.
  • dont see y not aslong as it is work related
  • I would ask your boss if it were acceptable to bring your S/O with you and if he says no, decline the invitation.
  • i am assuming that you and your boss are both of the opposite sex......i don't see that as a, as long as you talk about work during dinner, your boss can write it off as a work expense...haha......take care......Brian.....
  • No probably not.
  • I think once in a while is one thing, but if it gets more frequent, then it will probably make your SO uncomfortable. I used to be ok with my wife doing that, but when the dinners started getting later, and she started ignoring me, like Im not allowed to call to see what is taking so long, then I put the kabash on it. Her diners are so important to her, and she never kept my feelings in her decisions, that it really hurt me. Did un-needed damage.
  • I don't understand why it wouldn't be, unless you are already uncomfortable around your boss thinking your boss wants an affair. If it is seriously for business reasons, there is no reason it wouldn't be okay. A lot of opposite sex business people go to dinner to discuss business.
  • There is NO reason a boss should ask someone to dinner to discuss work. Its inappropriate. That's what meetings are for. That's what lunch meetings in the conference room are for. The one and ONLY acceptable time when a dinner meeting is acceptable is if everyone is out of town at a conference. Then it should be a group not solo dining. There is too much hanky panky going on and its been all over media so no excuse to have missed it. Human Resources would not approve of a male boss and a female staff person going to dinner alone. It could be a late meeting in the office with continued meetings and dinner sent in but its with full staff or teams not solo. It's wrong.
  • Why does it have to be on dinner as if it were a special occasion? Why not discuss work issues during a lunch meeting at work? LMAO
  • Sure, work comes 1st - everything else can wait!
  • Lunch would be better.
  • Tell your partner where you will be dining and who will be there. Do not get drunk. Be sure you get home at a reasonable hour.

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