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  • Apparently, your s/o is doing a good job!
  • ==========i say the same thing as MarkOlson i cant say it better
  • few reason and u might gimme some other details ;-) might be pre parkinson disease.. might be using wrong position.. might be its so cold.. might be get caught by others.. i have more ok ;-)
  • it's a work out.. do you legs shake after going to the gym?
  • Good sex stimulates nearly every part of the brain simultaneously. It also releases a fuckton of hormones. when your brain's on overdrive, so are the parts of the homunculus that carries it around. They shake because there's so much going on in the brain it's overflowing the nerves, which causes noise. It happens. Means your hubby should teach classes on the subject.
  • Ha ha! The same thing happens to me! My husband knows he did a "real good job" when I get the leg shakes.
    • ladyEmma
      Same here. My legs shake uncontrollably during good orgasms. It's always a sign yo my husband that he did a great job. :)
  • Release of tension built up by increasing sexual excitement.
  • Because you did it right. (You are aware, if you eat first, than have coitus, she'll have multiples and oh then you're gonna see some shakin'! (Like when you shut off an old car but it keeps trying to run again. Just touch her shoulder with a finger....b'buk...b'buk. First time I did that I thought I broke her! ((course your legs could just be shaking because in pursuit of the goal you overexerted your muscles staying in a position after it's no longer comfortable)). So I'm gonna say leg shaking for a man? Ow. Leg shaking for a woman? Ooh Ooh OOH!

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