• I have nothing whatsoever to do with the living members of my family, because they hurt me way too much to ever forgive them, and the really "special ones" are all dead now, anyway. I prize my friendships more, and those folks constitute my current "family." +5
  • It depends on the situation. I love my friends but my family is definitely more important than they are(sorry guys:)But if your family doesn't care about you, your friends will be definitely more important. Someone told me:Your parents, brothers and sisters are the family you were born into,chosen by destiny. Your friends are the family you've chosen by yourself.
  • I think it depends on how your family treats you and how real your friends are. Take each person individually and see what he/she means to you.
  • Biological family or "wedded" family?
  • In a crisis, the same importance.
  • I think each person is different, in my case it would be family is way more important, hands down!! My friends have come and gone, most have screwed me over in one way or another. Family has always been there, and always will be until one of us die..
  • Friends, family your just stuck with.
  • Friends are more important then the family members ,beause friends does not have jeaoulsy,but family members have the ego,
  • Write the question. List your friends. Put the question and the list someplace where you will find it in 10 years. See how many friends on the list are still "friends".
  • Friends sometimes treat me better than most of my family members but family is always first because I know they will always be there with me my whole life and friends can always change at any moment.
  • I think family is more important because they are there through the think and the thin or in other words the good and the bad. Also in the long run unlike friends that can come and go like the wind in the trees.
  • It truly depends on their family. I have been into some homes that were completely dysfunctional. each member hated each other and no one cared anything about the other. How people live like this is beyond me. In this situation, one or two good friends may be the only family a person could depend on.
  • Friends you can pick, you can't pick your family. I must say, I have one terrific friend. We've been friends forever. She's been there for me when my own husband or siblings weren't. I trust her and love her as if she were my sister. And I have a sister, I'm not very close to.
  • It all depends on how you and your family get along ... I do not get along with my family that is left since my sister killed my mother in 2004 ... Thus; I believe that my friends who have supported me emotionally etc are VERY important to me .... moreso than my family. +5
  • friends are important but so are family, it just depends on how close you are to them all. i'd say that my friends are more important than my cousins or Grandparents - but thats because all my extended family lives in another country and i've seen them about once or twice in my lifetime. i'd put my close family infront of my though because they are my friends as well. every person will give you a different answer. :)
  • Family is important to us certainly, but not all family members mean more to us than some friends do. Blood is not always thicker than water when it comes to loyalty, honesty and good qualities in a person. I have some friends who I think of as 'thick water', meaning they are not my blood, but thicker than some of my blood relatives.
  • I would definately say family. Blood is thicker than water. I have been backstabbed too much to fully trust people not related, it would take years now to develop such a trust. My family has had its troubles like anyones but they all still love each other where the blood is concerned.
  • Good friends are part of the family.

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