• the anticipation of holding the rod feeling the jerk setting the hook, reeling them in... oh baby ! +5
  • No clue, but my dad is obsessed with it! I'll have to ask him.=)
  • I don't think it's made to be thrilling... rather relaxing.
  • There are two kinds of fishermen: There are those who seek the thrill of the catch, whether it's solely for sport or for food. And then there are people like me who, though they get excited and happy when they catch something, treat fishing as a philosophy. As a friend of mine once said many years ago: "The fishing's ALWAYS good. You may not catch anything, but the fishing's ALWAYS good." Either way, as long as you enjoy it, then have at it!
  • the compliments they receive? ;)
  • I can't really explain it ; it is something that YOU have to EXPERIENCE to understand the thrill of the fight and the catch ... +5
  • The thrill of the hunt, at least with fishing you can throw the poor thing back if you want.
  • Beats me
  • The silence -no questions.
  • just started fishing this summer, the surroundings, the silence, the challenge and the anticipation of just exactly how i'll feel when i actually catch my first fish, will i actually cook it and eat it?
  • All I can say is that my "Worst" day of fishing is still better then my "Best" day at work.
  • I enjoy the relaxation of just standing by the water and watching the fish test my line. There is also an exciting aspect when a fish takes the bait and you must bring set the hook and bring him in, but I am satisfied when I catch nothing. I recommend reading Hemingway's "The Old Man and the Sea" for an excellent description of the bond between man and fish. The struggle with a fish which weighs more than the fisherman and is capable of breaking the fishing line is most certainly the pinnacle of "fishing".
  • The beer?
  • It's not really a thrill, just being on a boat in the water, lake or river is so relaxing it just feels right. You feel like your doing something good. It's fun to catch a fish. I still remember my first catch...+5
  • You get to sit around doing noting, but because you have a line in the water, you get to claim you're doing something. It's perfect.
  • I would say that you could use it as an excuse to do anything you want to do on your own. If you say "I'm going fishing, want to come" the misses will say no and your free to go for a drink or play gold or even fish, it's brilliant, lol.
  • when you feel the tug on your line. oh yeah!

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