• One 42 gallon barrel of crude oil, when refined, produces 19.9 gallons of finished motor gasoline, as well as other petroleum products. This means that it takes 2.1 gallons of crude oil to produce 1 gallon of gasoline. This number will vary according to the level of refinement desired. (source U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Information Administration []) For more fun statistics about petroleum (and petroleum production) please visit the following:
  • 42 gallons of oil are needed for a gallon of gasoline
  • If we get only a bit over 19 gallons per barrel of oil, how is it that gas doesn't cost more? At $110 per barrel, that puts a gallon of gas at $5.50. Do they cut it with something?
  • On May 2, 2008 US oil refineries used 14,649,000 barrels of crude oil to refine 8,677,000 barrels of refined motor fuels. That is 1.68 barrels of oil per barrel of refined motor fuels. So the answer is 1.68 gallons of crude oil to make 1 gallon of refined motor fuels That translates into 70.56 gallons of oil to make 42 gallons of refined motor fuels. At currently $124 per barrel or $2.95 per gallon of crude oil it would take $5.95 ($2.95/gallon x 1.68 gallons of crude/gallon of refined motor fuels) worth of crude to make 1 gallon of refined motor fuels. Gasoline is currently $3.65/gallon and jet fuel is $3.40/gallon ($143.20/42 gallon barrel. All other motor fuels average about $3.60/gallon. I'm not sure why gasoline sells for less than $5.95/gallon. I would love an answer to that...
  • From American Petroleum Institute (API) statistics an average barrel (42 gallons) will produce 46% gasoline, 22% diesel, 10% jet fuel, 5.5% heavy fuel oil, and the remaining 16.5% would be everything else including lubricants, asphalt, petrochemical feedstocks, etc
  • Remember folks, a Quart of oil is around 3$ and greases, lubes and specialty oils are all expensive too, so figuring out how much "motor products" does not denote just gas or diesel. These more expensive products offset what a gallon of petrol would cost if you were only speaking of petrol. Refinement counts for about 25% of the cost of a gallon (US) of gas (petrol).
  • I had some time in building a small plant to turn your used Oil yes the stuff everyone throws away, Yes they recycle it. The funny thing is they don't tell You that they get more then 1/2 dozen different products off it! ranging from thinners through to the reusable engine oil I agree will Que_squared they would be able to make heaps of different products. They only tell you what they want you to know not All the goodies. Its not overly hard Controlled heat + the right additives can do wonders if in the right hands???
  • How many gallons of crude oil does it take to make one gallon of gasoline?

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