• Is this a trick question? >.<
  • Can you refraze the question pweeze. ;+
  • If I can have the unlimited money, upfront and now, I'll take the unlimited. If I have to wait to get the unlimited money according to the terms of some contract that may or may not stand the test of time, I'll take the million now. Thanks.
  • That's like asking, do I want 1 million BJs or unlimited BJs.
  • Well as you said, with unlimited money tere is no challenge in life. If I took the million it would be too much for me and I have many people in mind with which I would share it. Dont any of you feel the happines of knowing you EARNED something? it just wouldnt be the same. After all, money isnt everything, there are things harder to achieve that cant be achieved with money and they are way more satisfying.
  • I will take the million. unlimited could get a little crazy.
  • 1 million just enough to move to canada. Money can really fuck up your brain.
  • Humm, well i suppose unlimited money, but that would mean i was one of the people behind the federal reserve, then i would have to hate myself lol, humm.
  • Hmmm. Do I want enough money so that I could live comfortably or do I want enough money so that I could end poverty, war, illness, and all the other things that plague mankind. Hmmm. Tough decision. Aw, I guess I'll take unlimited. Thanks.
  • If there is no stipulation, I will take the unlimited.
  • Since you haven't listed any stipulation, I'll go with unlimited. But I would do my very best to not be wasteful or topple the economy.
  • I could live a long time on a million dollars but since there is no stipulation on the money I take unlimited. Then I could help those I know who really need it, donate to all the organizations I would like to, and so many other things.

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