• YES! We have had several litters where a "brother and sister" definately had different fathers. A vet I met informally even stated that it is possible that more than one male can co-fertilize a single egg. Sounds out there to me. but look at the cats. I know the AKC (for dogs) state that if a female has mated to a non AKC registered male she may not be qualified to bear any AKC pups. regardless if an AKC mating occured previous or post to the non sanctioned mating.
  • yes a cat can have kittens from different fathers,if they mate within 2 to 3 days in the same heat,hence some litters have a mixture of different colours
  • Yes its called superfecundation as long as there are multiple eggs present it is possible. It occurs in mammals that have litters and birds as well. There is even one documented case in humans.
  • Yes, & so can a human female if impregnated twice w/i 24 hours. Where cats win out, is that they can carry more than one litter at the same time. A pregnancy lasts for 9 weeks & they can go into heat every 3 weeks; some go into heat despite their pregnancy.
  • Yes they can! They can also pick up fatal diseases left to breed indiscriminately with stray and feral cats
  • not that i know of

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