• This song has been in my head for days- - I love it. It remains fresh every time I hear it. It fits my mood of late. The song's title is " Twist in My Sobriety" [ not "Twisted Sobriety " or whatever the link has ]. I don't know if this link will work. I make mistakes a lot. Tanita Tikaram "Twist in my Sobriety" great video ,too, in my opinion
  • Don Williams - "You're My Best Friend" ... (when I don't like ... probably never)
  • i think it might be time for me to quit keeping my distance :P +5
  • inspire song --- wheee
  • This song has been in my head and it is so annoying,good song a one hit wonder from the '70's by the band Jigsaw that was made over recently.:)
  • A Vietnamese song has been in my head for a week =( A family friend died, he was Vietnamese and his wife loves this song. Kinda makes me sad...
  • I think I have been watching too much TV with my Grandson, what do you think?
  • I always feel like somebody's watching me.... Geico commercial
  • 2 actually, one inspires me daily. That is 'He Hideth My Soul', for that is my life. God takes care of me and protects me no matter what. The other is a silly song. Watched 'Sound of Music' the other night, and the lyrics from 'Do Re Mi' has been stuck in my head (you know 'Doe a dear, a female dear, etc). Not really annoyed, but after a while, it's like 'ok, another song please' (lol). Wonderful movie though.
  • This one -- I've been singing it today. I Love Rock N Roll, Joan Jett
  • Today, Home Sweet Home-Motley Crue has been playing in my head. I don't know why, I didn't hear it on the radio today...I must have been thinking of something that reminded me of it. I don't know that I've ever been inspired by a song in my head, but I like when I think about a song instead of some of the negative things I could think about. I have been annoyed by songs in my head...when I'm at work and the same song plays (in my head) for more than a day.
  • poker face by lady gaga a brain worm...
  • the song in my head lately has been "happy birthday to you ... ". no birthday nearby so i don't know why it's active. i received a bill from the music recording artist industry for $862.17 for royalties. i never let the song escape my own head, but, i do think about it in public.
  • The Darkness - "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" - It's like a constant party in my head =)
  • Picked up a CD in Newfoundland by the Newfoundland group Tarahan.   Their rendition of 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' has been playing over & over in my head, along with the song "Up She Rises" about a fishing crew on their fishing boat.
  • Come away with me Nora Jones....It reminds me how much I need to get away!
  • I have 3... Worth Fighting For-Judas Priest, don't know why, I haven't heard it for days Serenity-Godsmack, I took a nap right after listening to it today All Nightmare Long-Metallica, it's my #1
  • I've had Beck's "Hell Yes!" and A Perfect Circle's "Weak and Powerless" stuck in my head lately. Songs stuck in my head never really annoy me, in fact I don't think there's time when there isn't a song in my head, I go to sleep and wake up with the same song(s) in my head....I don't get one song stuck in my head, I get entire playlists. Some songs stay longer than others, but I tend to get fixated on a few songs or albums until something else comes along to distract my every waking thought. Inspiration..yeah I'm a musician so it definitely inspires me, whatever I am listening to a lot might, intentionally or not, slip into some stuff I write..
  • This one's for you, IcySilver!

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