• Talk to a counsler at school
  • CALL 911..they will believe you.
  • Well If parents aren't listening try a school counselor, if that doesn't work don't hesitate to go to the police. Whether you want to see him in trouble or not. It might give him a reality check. Your parents too
  • Put a secret camera somewhere and say something mean to your brother while your infront of the camera. Now you got the proof! Anyway, you have to show your brother that you're not afraid of him.
  • Hmm... abuse him back. Throw heavy objects & poke em with the sharper ones.
  • you should put a camera somewhere like the person said before but also mayb dont b around him as much or like a counselor wouldnt really work b.c they would just tell you like wut to do and if ur not capable of doing it then it wont work i think a camera is the best way to go
  • talk to a family member and see if they can help. Go to Gramdma!!! She will stop it
  • I agree with the statements above, I love the hidden camera! Let your brother know, when he is getting ready to hit you, that you will call the police! Do not be nice, YELL IT!! How old is he, and how old are you? Has he left a mark on you ever? What kind of abuse (hitting, slapping, slugging, etc). Shame on your parents for not at least interrigating him!
  • Hide a video camra somewheres so you get real proff! Make sure you can't see the red light but so it can still catch all images.
  • Please do not advise this poor child to run to the police before getting all the facts. It can only cause a hardship in the family. He should approach his parents and first let them know that if nothing is going to be done, then he will report it to the proper authorities. This should get the parents listening and fast! Much of luck to you son.
  • call da EYE Witness show thingy
  • Stay away from the brother, talk to your Parents calmly, tell them you want to seriously talk to them, if they do nothing try asking another relative or family friend for help. If you are getting bruises or even worse go to emergency room they will call social services, and or child protective
  • You need to tell your teacher or school counciler. A call from them or a vist from CPS might get them to wise up. Don't let him do this to you anymore. It's not right. You've gone to your parents, now you have to go one step up and go outside the family for help.
  • OMG i have the opposite with 3 really overprotective brothers and i'm always complaining bout them. i really feel sorry for u. talk to ur mum without ur bro and tell her dat ur telling the truth no matter what ur bro says. good luck
  • Definitely hiding a camera would help for evidence. As you go to a councelor, and try to convince family members that you're mistreated, stay at the library or go somewhere away from him. If in the house stay behind locked doors with a phone at hand. If you can't leave the house keep friends and family with you at all times. Try and keep your brother occupied with other things. Leave his favorite t.v. show on in another room, or tell him his friend called when he was away, anything. Please be safe and get help.
  • my brother was like that when we were in middle school. he beat me up sometimes, but was verbally abusive ALL the time. for years, it started when we were in elementary school. he had issues, and im sure your brother does too. i put a video tape under the couch and recorded his ass. you need to try this or really sit down with your parents and talk to them...remind them that you should feel safe around your own flesh and blood and in your own home, but at the same time your brother has some issues that need to be addressed. good luck
  • Videos can't lie. Good luck.
  • My suggestion would be to have a serious sit down with your parents, without the brother involved, and lay out what has been happening over the years in a clear, non-emotional tone. I agree with badmudda that if your parents still will not act on your concerns, that you will need to let them know you will need to report the problem to the proper authorities. Your brother may be going through something that is brain-chemical related: i.e. depression, hormonal imbalance, etc. and may also need help. I had rage issues when I was young due to a chemical imbalance, and sure wished I had gotten help then. Help did not arrive until I recognized the problem as an adult. Good luck to you.
  • I would agree with your video idea, but I think her parents do believe her. They just don't want to take action because they do not want their family to get torn up. So the best idea is that your parents need to talk to another adult or a councilor.
  • my brother was that way as well, until eventually he raped me. i neer told about it and it just got worse, he has stabbed me with a fork and slammed me into walls. My parents just ignored it. if i could go back i would have definitly told a school counselor or a doctor or police officer...
  • You are in a dangerous environment. When your parents tell you that if you do something, that it will break the family and it will make them look bad. You need to protect yourself. You need to tell them that it is better to do something and feel protected than to end up in a grave. Also tell them that if he kills you, not only will the authorities think that THEY are bad parents but they can be charged with murder because you have been telling them about it and they did not protect you but rather keep covering up for a dangerous person! Everybody here at AB is giving you good advice. There is an office called children's protective services. You can also contact them. But to get it recorded will serve as evidence. Everybody here at AB is concerned about you. If you can go somewhere, like your grandparents, do go!Please be careful and stay safe. Our hearts go out to you. Do you live in the United States? God bless you. Stay in touchand keep us up to date about how you are doing.
  • call the police on him, they will come over and pick him up
  • Whether or not you get your ass kicked, show you're not an easy target. Stand up to him and fight for yourself.
  • tell the police about it, they will come over and pick him up for you
  • tell the police about it, they will come over and get him

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