• Damn kids always texting! Drives me nuts!
  • Negative - people can get a hold of you no matter where you are... no privacy.... I had mine turned off when I got out of sales and management...
  • Good. You can immediately ask for help from anywhere, or take care of important things without needing to go somewhere. . Negative. If You don't control it, all kinds of obnoxious people will call You, interrupting everything, breaking the mood of the moment and bore You to death with stupid stories and questions.
  • Positive-1) You dont miss many phone calls. 2)You can screen your calls. Negative-It's like wearing a leash!
  • Positive: Anyone can contact you anywhere in the world. Negative: Anyone can contact you anywhere in the world.
  • Positive-convenience and great in an emergency. Negative-you're always "on call", unless you turn it off like I do.
  • positve: go to movies wit evry 1 negative: im going to court cuz this gurl sent a pic f her naked
  • I despise cell phones. First, you are in constant contact with everyone. If I wanted that, I would be with you. Second, they seem to give people an excuse for being rude. They ring during meals, meetings, speeches, church, movies etc. Where is their attention focused....on the event at hand or on their damn cell phone?
  • Positive: You can be reached at any time Negative: You can be reached at any time It really depends whether you WANT to be reached by the person who's trying to reach you.

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