• I'd beat the dog s***t out of the woman for touching my child. If the woman didn't like it, she could have walked away
  • i would taker her ass to court. i'd much rather file a lawsuit than beat her ass & get hit with a lawsuit.
  • I find this incident disturbing and another excellent reason to stay the hell away from walmart.
  • I will report him to police, if not fast enough I may slapped his face myself.
  • As the parent I would call the police immediately, that is assault! I would definitely have my lawyer get with management of Wal-Mart and ask for the surveillance tapes. Not to mention the civil suit!
  • Knowing my reflexes, I would easily slap the shit of the stranger with the quickness!!!
  • I'd give the stranger a sharp slap back and get her prosecuted for child abuse and assault on a minor. Cheeky bitch! Evidently she doesn't understand that 2 year olds can be difficult, luckily mine rarely embarassed me in public (once only.) it was not her place to enforce that kind of discipline, she ought to have just left.
  • i choose not to answer as it may incriminate me later .
  • The guy was rightly arrested. I don't know what I would have done if someone slapped my child.
  • I have to plead the 5th because if someone ever hit one of my kids or grandkids I know that it would not go unwarranted if I were there to see it happen
  • Call the cops. The stranger assaulted someone. Have him arrested. Who the heck does he think he is?
  • The guy should be thrown in jail and slapped around a bit. I'm shocked someone would actually do that. He had no right, whatsoever, to hit the baby. No baby deserves that.
  • Said stranger is someone I find mighty annoying... and my hands returning the favor wouldn't be open.
  • whaaaat? whys everyone pissed at him. i saw give him a medal for controlling the brat
  • I would have the staff call the police. Had I been the annoyed stranger, I would have approached the harried mom and asked if I could guard her shopping cart while she attended to the needs of her baby.....or I would have asked permission to try to distract the child with silly talk....or I would have asked mom if I could push her buggy for a while so she could comfort her little one...or...asked if I might offer the child a lollipop...or... so many options. why resort to a violent act??
  • Ignoring your childs crying or screams, could be child abuse in certain circumstances. Best bet is to call the police and let them make a decision. Slapping someone else's child could be reason-enough for a homocide.
  • Well, slapping anyone constitutes assault. In this case, it could even be argued as child abuse by some. I am against bringing any governmental agency into the picture. I would either try to engage in a conversation with the parent to distract the kid and help the parent or leave the store.
  • Oh my goodness!! The person who slapped the child - I hope s/he was arrested for it! If my child was slapped, I would slap the stranger back, in a heartbeat. It is frustrating when some parents appear to do nothing to control their children, or if worse comes to worse, leave the store for the benefit of other people. However, we just have to deal with it. That is toddlers and they are difficult, they are learning as maybe are the parents. One could argue that perhaps the parent could have succomed to the child and offered what it wanted - but that would not be good parenting in itself.
  • stranger hit my kid i would kick his ass,i gave my kids hidings and they dont hate me or remember getting them,i gave good and hard at a young age and they learnt at a young age,and in the above situation im the one who would want to beat the little brat but one cant as its the parents who allow this to blame,give him a good hiding right there and that will never happen again.peace
  • if a parent is ignoring the child i would tell the child and the parent off. but i admit i wouldn't slap a random kid :P
  • I would give both of them a disapproving look and then pick up the child to calm him down and hopefully, the mother will talk with me so I can understand what the issue is and perhaps help her.
  • Put myself between him and the child and being extremely sweet tell him that he is a waste of flesh, oxygen and food and water. But as inarticulate as I am ask him to step outside.
  • if i'd wanted to slap my child who was howling at wal-mart and then a stranger slapped him / her, i'd defend my child but later with remorse / guilt tell my own mother of my own feelings. either way, i'd step in between my child and that person whose behavior is so unusual that he might indeed be a dangerous kook.
  • I would clap in approval.

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