• Wtf are you on about? Jack died.
  • I know what you're talking about. Jack died on the Titanic and then there was a dream where Jack went back to Rose on the Titanic at the end of the movie. Rose doesn't care about Hawkley (the one who she was going to marry) because you can clearly see he is the bad guy.
  • No not Hawkley, the other guy of how she changed from Dawson to Calvert, she hated Hawkley anyway
  • I know what you mean. But she was probably a hell of a lot more in love with Jack then Calvert. Anyway, it wouldn't have the same effect if she walked up the grand staircase with both Jack and Calvert standing there!
  • i think she just loved Jack a lot more than she could ever love anyone else.
  • Well, she wouldn't because he tried to kill Jack and her and she was only marrying him for his money, because her dad died and left Rose and her mum no money, so that's why Rose had to marry Cal. So, no, she doesn't care about him anymore.
  • Rose never married Calvert. And she doesn't live with Jack happily ever after. The people she is with back on Titanic is all the ones that died (Jack, musicians, etc.)

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