• No, they should brag about it and claim their accusers are just jealous. Well at least it would be different.
  • life imprisonment, as long as they never leave there cell, they only have a thin matt stuffed whith straw, and a small can they could pee in, and they are never let out, food and water minimum and there would be a tiny little doggie door that the food, water and the the can could pass through. and the walls must be white, the matt grey and there cloths black. no luxriay. depending on their crime of course, but that right there would make me lose my rocker.
  • Life imprisonment
  • for me life imprisonment would be more unbearable. its amaizing how most of these murders fight the death penality are able to get away with it for 10, 15 and more years.
  • I'd have to go with Life inprisonment as being more unbearable although it is more costly for the taxpayers .. +5
  • Life imprisonment.
  • Death. There's always a straw of hope to get amnesty, earlier leave for good behavior or escape. Even if not, I always choose life over death.

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