• she should encourage him to verbalize things or he will have trouble later. YOU can't make her do that tho. what you can do to help is to not give in to his grunting or pointing when he wants something from you.
  • When she finally grows tired of the grunting, she will start urging the vocalization. Right now, it may be easier for her to do it this way. She will figure it out sooner or later, but I am glad you planted the seed, now sit back and watch it grow.
  • He might have autism- you should take hime to a doctor or if not just see how things go but if he doesnt start communicating verbally he might have autism or he just might be a shy child- I wouldnt wory about it- hes still young- yeah you should mind your own.
  • I wouldn't worry just yet. they should be saying a words and putting words together in short sentences. It sounds like your sister is actually not encouraging the child to say the things he should but just getting the stuff he wants. you will probably find if he doesn't have to he won't, so he needs to be challenged to say words. you will probably find he will came along if his mother just didn't get the things for him without encouraging saying it at the same time. i wouldn't let her be lazy myself.
  • It is a huge deal. By 2 1/2 the child should be forming simple sentences. Language formation is critical as it forms the basis for how we think and feel. Intelligence is a social construct. I'm no expert but I think she needs to get that child to an expert as soon as possible. You shouldn't interfere with another person's business as a general rule but there is a helpless child involved here. No offense, but is your friend kinda "uneducated"?
  • it's not so abnormal, my cousin didn't speak until five and he is a normal and very clever child, and i know more children like this, childs mother should take the kid to speech therapist and if all his speech organs are ok, there's really no big deal
  • it is a big thing..she is discouraging him from speaking, which he needs to do. She won't always be there for him. You need to sit her down privately and suggest a strategy.
  • I think it is a big deal. He might be deaf, he might be autistic etc. We hold up what we think the toddler wants and we encourage them to say what it is called and then we give it to them.
  • I have a friend with the same issue and she also doesn't think it's a big deal. It would be for me. I know all children develop at their own pace, but I think that fostering this type of behavior could have a negative effect on the child.
  • She should have his vision tested. My nephew still wasn't speaking much at the age of 3, so his doctor said he needed his eyes tested. He needed glasses, and once he could see, his speech improved immensly. He also went to speech therapy where he learned sign language, which I understand helps youngsters learn to speak.
  • Yes, I would suggest you butt out. However, grunting CAN be a sign of autism if it lasts thru later years.
  • No, Really It Isnt Ur Business I Mean I Know Ur Trying To Help But Shes The Mother And According To Her She Knows What Shes Doing And Whats A Big Deal And Not...JUst Let her Do Her Own Thing Maybe LAter On When Her Son Ends Up Worse And All CAuse She Didnt Listen To You You CAn Dance Around And Laugh In Her Face Saying, "I Told You So "...Smart Rightt ? :D
  • If the mom is not responding to your suggestions, she probably won't consider this, but the child should be at least tested by an expert in the field of child behavior, even a good pediatrician at least. The child may be totally normal, but you are right to question this behavior.
  • Probably just normal, but there could be something wrong, get 'im checked out
  • My brother did this the doctor told my mother not to worry about it that he would talk when he was ready. Einstein didn't talk till he was 3. My boys never shut up!

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