• you know what my engagement ring was? an 80 dollar walmart ring. nearly all the stones fell out within the year that we were engaged. the size or quality of the ring doesn't matter. i loved my husband for him, not his wallet. to me, the ring was beautiful & i cherished it. we didn't have a ring for a while. he asked to marry him over the phone while he was in basic training. i didn't see him face to face for almost a year.
  • My husband was a student when he proposed me, and live wasnt that easy at that time for him. He had no ring and I still said yes like million of times oh hell yes because I know he was the one :)
  • I wouldn't care what size the ring is so long as there is one, but I think if he's strapped for cash he doesn't need to get you one.
  • I have never cared about the size of the ring. And quite frankly, if a guy cared enough to offer a promise without one, I would be just as flattered and more in love. The ring is great and a wonderful representation, but it's the love and promise that are important to me.
  • Well, as much as I don't really agree with marriage for me personally... a ring wouldn't matter. The whole point in proposing is to confess the desire to be with someone forever... what about a large ring says that? I'd rather he save the money for something more important. If I want a diamond, I'll buy it myself.
  • If you're truly in love, someone's wealth or material possessions will not matter. What purpose does a ring serve other than to look nice? It can't say how much someone loves you. No matter if there's a ring or not, you'd be all the wealthier for having someone's love and to love them back.
  • I wouldn't care at all! Could be a rubberband. It isn't the ring that makes the marriage. Serious as a heart attack when I say that. If I love him & he loves me then it isn't a big deal. +5
  • i must be superficial i want the ring, i want people to know i am off limits by just glancing at my left ring finger. i am not picky, make it real gold with diamonique 2 carat around 100.00 bucks --- > affordable alternate but yes i do want the symbol. +5
  • if i was really IN LOVE, a ring wouldnt make any difference to me. he could give me a ring from a cracker jack box and i would love it and him.
  • my hubby proposed without a ring. Never had an engagement ring, and a very simple and inexpensive wedding ring. The ring SHOULD not matter at all.
  • Couldn't care less. In fact I would prefer no ring as I don't like them. I have been married 24 years and never wear the ring.
  • I'm gonna put in my two cents here, as a man. When I proposed to my wife, I did things a little out of order. This is my second marriage. And I had a VERY painful first marriage. So it was a LONG time before I worked up the courage to ask my wife to marry me. Three years of dating, in fact...all of it long distance, as I was in the Navy. When I did finally ask, I had been seriously considering it for several months...seriously as in a "I'm scared sh*tless and in denial over the whole thing" kinda way. So one day, when I was with her, I worked up the courage and just asked her. No other preparations. No ring handy. Nothing. She said yes, of course, or she wouldn't be my wife now. But the ring was important to were many other traditional aspects that I completely bypassed that were important to her, like asking her father for permission. So all those things were done after the fact. The next day we went shopping for an engagement ring. And there I learned some other important things to consider later on in our marriage: such as even though my wife has traditional tastes and expectations, the engagement ring was somewhat non-traditional, in that she preferred a marquise cut diamond rather than a round cut. And the price of the ring wasn't that important to her...only that she got an engagement ring that looked nice. As for my asking her to marry me when I didn't have a ring...she was extatic! But the ring WAS important to her, so the next day I proposed again over dinner and presented her with the ring we both picked out. It was important to me that she get what she wanted if she married me...because this would be HER first marriage. I had been through a marriage before, so much of the wonder of it all wasn't so new to me. That may sound kind of jaded...and perhaps it was. But my wife knew about what I went through because I had talked to her about it while we were dating. She knew how I felt about a lot of things...and the deep seated fears I had as well. So she wasn't upset when I did things out of order...she realized how much I had gone through to get where I was able to ask her to marry me in the first place. However, we were BOTH in agreement on the amount to spend on the ring: Namely that the established guidelines in the jewelry industry were WAY out of wack with respect to reality. Most places will tell you two to three MONTHS of your salary is the price you should look at spending. That would have put the price of the engagement ring at $10,000 or more, which we both agreed was at least ten times a reasonable price for us. The one we settled on was $750 dollars...and it was EXACTLY what she wanted because SHE picked it out! We've been married now for going on 14 years. I have plans for the 20th anniversary, some of them including ideas she's mentioned here and there over the years. I would not be opposed to another ring for her, of significantly greater value, when this happens. We'll see...and if we're all still here six years from now, I'll let you know how it turns out!
  • It would not bother me at all even if there was no ring at all
  • I have a turqouise ring I consider my wedding ring. ...even though we picked it up while in colorado at an Ute native american museum. Before that I didnt have one... I dont care...what does a ring matter??? (it doesnt)
  • if you are truly in love, no item of any infinite value is relavent. that person is the air that they breathe is that not enough?
  • I'm not going to lie to you, in my situation I was upset when my husband proposed without a ring, but that's only because I'm a little but at the end of the day, he's the best thing that has ever happened to me and plus I got to pick out my ring right before we got married! And now we both look back on it and laugh cause it's a beautiful story to tell our kids in the future, and I wouldn't have had it any other way!!! Hope this encourages you to think about LOVE first!!! And what's best for U!
  • If she loves you, she won't care one way or the other. Don't even buy a ring and see how she reacts. If she reacts badly, that's a sign that she cares too much about material things. If she doesn't care, go out and buy her the biggest diamond you can afford.
  • I was proposed to without a ring. To me it was very romantic and felt like it was done at the heat of the moment, when he had finally gathered courage to ask me. He bought me a ring not long after.
  • i like a ring to show my commitment to my boyfriend (nd its pretty).i know that we will never get married cuz of diff reasons on both parts. but i love him to bits it wouldnt make a diff.

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