• Might seem obvious, but here goes. You can get relief by reducing the amount of mold that you are exposed to, and/or limit the amount of time you are exposed to mold.
  • This is a really old question and I certainly hope you have found relief by now!! So the answers are for those who come in future. The best way to get rid of mold is to hire a professional. The cheapest way is a bleach solution (Mold Stop is used by the maintenance men at my apartment complex whenever water is leaked) and what can't take bleach can be sprayed with vinegar water dilution, Read up on it. Also a fan after a leak or a dehumidifier should be used if you have a constant mold problem. Air conditioners contain dehumidifiers. If you have constant problems with water you should consider getting your home sealed. And you should definitely study up on allergy medications because sometimes its more than just mold to which you're allergic. I'm allergic to cats and some insecticides, but my allergy medication usually controls the symptoms well. Still its always preferable to eliminate the source than rely on meds to mask the symptoms. Good luck!

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