• DEPENDS on ur intention of cuddling !!!
  • it depends with who
  • hmm. cuddling sounds like romantic energies. cheating is spending any of your romantic or sexual energies on someone you are not with... unless your relationship is open
  • It may not be cheating, but it is disrespectful. It depends on who you're cuddling with, though, and the terms of your relationship.
  • its not cheating but its disrespectful and shouldnt be done!
  • If you feel it's cheating then it's cheating. It's all down to how it makes you feel. In my opinion, it's cheating as well.
  • Seriously, no.
  • In some respects it could be considered cheating. Just because there may not be any sex, cuddling is usually an intimate act. At any rate it is not being respectful or considerate of your S/O.
  • Depends on with who and why. A friend you've had for a long time and you're having a bad day? No. Someone you don't really know, just cause you can? I'm thinking yes.
  • oooh, not sure. but for me, cuddling always leads to other things... its a slippery slope. be careful.
  • my child, parent, or sib - no. if he's in jail for 20 years, no. if she's paralyzed, maybe not. over in iraq for 2 years? - i'd understand the cuddler's need for physical intimacy but i'd also feel for the soldier in iraq thinking that one's spouse is a poster child for fidelity. the type of cuddle also deserves attention. was it a 2 second, "i'm so glad that you came to my mother's funeral" or was it a 2 hour "baby!!!!"? and finally, the "relationship" deserves attention. is it a 5 day old relationship of two 10 year olds or is it a marriage in which both partners have openly sworn off any relationships or infidelity and you've done so for 50 years?
  • I think it's questionable - maybe not cheating but a very slippery slope best not trodden.
  • No....but it would bother me alot!!! Maybe cause a huge fight!!
  • I don't know that's it cheating, but it's sure not right. Besides leading to other things, I wonder how your s/o would feel? Would they consider it cheating?
  • What is considered 'cheating' shouldn't be based on trying to find a definition of cheating. "Is this cheating, is that cheating..."- thinking like that means that you want to cheat. You're just trying to find ways clear you conscience by trying ti limit the meaning of the word "cheating"... Regards, Lisa
  • Hmmmmm depends on who with, and what the intention of each of you is
  • are you cuddling becasue you are stranded in the woods and need the warmth to saty alive? If no, yes its cheating.
  • No, but you are getting close to crossing some lines. Instead of asking "Is this cheating?" I think it would be more useful to ask "Would my SO be upset by it?" If the answer is yes, then you should stop doing it out of respect for your partner.
  • yea, not long answer. just yea
  • i say it is cheating! in my opinion cheating is showing any sign of intimate affection to anyone other then you SO. and the best way to ever answer a question like this is to ask yourself, if you walked into a room and seen your SO cuddling with someone else how would you feel?
  • Yes it is cheating as one person cannot loves both person at the same time.
  • If it's something you can't or won't tell the person you're in a relationship about, yes, it's cheating. But if it's something you told that person about and they're fine with it, no, it is not. If you can't tell your significant other about, if it's a behavior you're aren't going to do around them, or if it's something you would NOT want them to do, then there's probably something wrong with it...
  • your just asking for trouble. why would you even want to do that.
  • it depends on what ur thinking at that moment
  • No, I do it all the time. Its really not cheating, because sometimes you just want to spend time with someone else.
  • Why do people insist on seeing life in terms of rules? It isn't about what is and is not cheating, it's about whether you are being genuine and sincere with someone's affections.

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