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  • Constantly do something to him that he doesn't like.
  • Aww he's showing you how sexy he thinks you are, and you're being crabby...WTF?
  • Here is what I did, begin slapping and grabbing his butt right back, don't hold back, hit him hard. Sure, he'll think it's hot for a couple weeks, then it will get old and annoying. When he complains, explain to him that you feel the same way.
  • Call him little huny buny names in public. something along the line of: baby doll, etc.
  • Give him a shot in the pills. Tell him every time he slaps your ass your going to tag his balls...he'll quit real quick. +2
  • Next time slap his but back. Hard.
  • And yet you stay and continue to put up with it.
  • I feel your pain! My husband does that to me too. When it really gets annoying, I'll take my finger and poke poke poke poke poke the same spot on his shoulder, neck or cheek. But on the upside, it means he loves you and its better he's doing it to you than someone else . . .
  • See, that's what happens when you go out with Larry the Cable Guy
  • Give him a 'sack wack'...then a 'nipple cripple'...I'm sure he'll remember after that.
  • Get some thumb tacks (drawing pins) and place them in your back pocket, pointy side out.
  • My hubs does this to me too, I usually will flick his ear and he hates that. He gets the idea or it turns into a full blown wrestling match of him smackin my butt and me attempting to flick his ear. It's all in good fun tho really, we find it annoying but men seem to have a weird notion that we like it even when we say we don't. I think it goes along with us tormenting them with the whole "Do these jeans make my butt look big" if they said yes, we'd murder them so it's a danged if they do, danged if they don't deal. If he quit smacking your butt you'd wonder what was wrong with him, at least, that's how it is for me.
  • Oh my god that is such an outdated sleezy move ~ ugh i feel your pain. Tell him to get with the programme already and if he doesn't then tell him you'll slam break his hand if he does it again. And be sure to do so, if he does :)
  • I was goign to make a comment about his lack of respect for you, but, you mention that sometimes you find it fun. That is your answer, if you react like it is fun sometimes he will continue to do it always because how is he supposed to know which time will be fun and which isn't? Either put a stop to it completely if you don't like it or accept that that is how he is.
  • I would just give his junk a nice equal strength smack and see if he wants to be close to you. Ha ha...
  • sounds like you should not be together.... you need to find one of the rare guys hwo does not love touching his girl at all times. guys are physical and crave affection.... maybe that woudl reduce the frequency.... give him more affection than he can handle and he won'd be hungry when you walk by him.
  • Start giving him a good slap on the rear right back! that (might) work.
  • I knew a guy who did that too. I asked him quietly and nicely to please stop. He didn't. I was more vocal in front of others and told him to stop. He didn't. The last time...when we were at a party he approached me from behind and went in for the grope. I used a pretty basic self defense move and flipped him! He flew over my shoulder and gasped for breath on the floor as everyone else fell down laughing. I told him firmly, "I said don't touch me again!" Yes, his pride was injured and he was embarrassed and I am not saying violence is the answer but in this was. Don't "hit" him...own your own space.
  • So hit him.
  • If he is that disrespectful of your wishes in other areas as well I'd move on and find someone else. Part of loving someone is knowing his/her "sensitivities/likes/dislikes" and protecting your loved one, not inflicting them on him/her. That is rude, selfish and why he doesn't seem to care enough puzzles me. Does it puzzle you? Happy Wednesday! :)
  • Well if you told him and told him then it's time to take action, you could legally stop him doing it or you could give him a kiss with your fist. I prefer the second one but the first one is probably the better option... but the second one is just so much more satisfying :)
  • Get a frying pan, keep it where you can grab it in no time. The next time he does that again, :) make him a crown prince.
  • I had this same issue with my wife. Not her grabbing me (I wish), but I would piss her off by touching/grabbing her when she was trying to do something. Eventually it sank in that she really didn't like it and keeping it up wouldn't make her change her mind. So I cooled it. He probably just has to decide that you being happy is more important than him copping a feel. I think few women truly appreciate how attractive women are to men, and how hard it can be to keep our hands off, especially the woman we're with.
  • probably won't get thru to him...I try to explain to my husband that acting like an asshole all day and then grabbing at me is not an acceptable way to get me to have sex....You have to be nice...>For women it starts when you first wake up . He starting to get it, but it has taken years
  • Hey, long time no speak. Sorry you are having trouble. Explain to him that the more gentle he is the hotter it makes you, use sex.
  • put thumb tacs in your pocket.
  • This is a form of aggression - disguised as "just being playful"....and don't hit him back or you may get more than you bargained for. Sounds like he has hostility issues.
  • an elbow in the ribs should do it.
  • grab his ass next time hes in the middle of doing something around the house
  • Simple. Tell him that if he does it again, you're leaving, and mean it. I don't mean necessarily ending the relationship, but just taking a break without any contact for a while. He should get the hint after a week or so without hearing from you. All the best to you. +5
  • ... ask him if he desperately wants you to have him charged with assault ...
  • Next time he wants sex, slap his dick. Tell him he gave you the idea by slapping you.
  • I don't think your answer is to annoy him back, two wrongs don't make a right. Unfortunately if you turn down your husbands advances everytime he makes one because you have gotten soo annoyed, your going to end up like me and my husband did, which is I got into a habit of turning him down whenever he tried to even hug me and then we never had sex.. that didn't work out well and now we are concentrating on undoing it. I think the only way to stop this is to use open communication and tell him how you feel, and keep telling him until he gets the picture.
  • You need to punch him in the mouth ;)
  • i would dump someone like that
  • maybe he'll get it if you dump him

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