• Coraline. the movie is the newest thing i own. well I own my body so that would have to be the oldest thing I own.
  • My girlfriend and my wife!
  • The newest thing I own would be a shirt. The oldest would be a doll my grandmother gave to me.
  • The newest thing is a book I bought a week ago. The oldest thing is a 1996 Plymouth minivan because I lost everything I owned in a fire in 2007, but I was driving the minivan. Everything I own is less than 2 years old, which in a way isn't too bad!
  • chair I'm sitting on was purchased a few hours ago. oldest I can think of, in terms of as long as I've owned it, is a shirt I got from my sister probably 10 years ago, and it's still in good shape. My dresser is from East Berlin (so that's obviously old) but I'm not really using it right now.
  • The newest thing I own is a one year old Doberman Pinsher..Awwwwweee. The oldest thing I own is my 14 year old daughter...Hmmmmmmm! You don't want to mess around with either of them!!! My dad had his gun when I brought home a date..and as single mom..I have a Doberman...A BIG ONE!!!!LOL:) That was a fun question:)
  • My body; Hair cut
  • I bought a phone cord today. The oldest, probably great grandmother's Bible.
  • Newest thing is my puppy, Ripken that I brought home this afternoon!! Super cute! Oldest thing would have to be my bedframe. Had it since I moved from a crib to bed 20 some years ago.
  • I bought two hermit crabs about two weeks ago. That's the newest thing I own. I have a pair of shiny men's dress shoes from 1963 that is still in very good condition. That's the oldest thing I own.
  • I have a vinyl record from 2008. I have a matchbox circa the Korean War.
  • A pair of Nano Life Matresses and pillowcases being the newest things and a bookshelf being the oldest thing.
  • a new sport bra and the oldest is ah white tank top from middle school. i still wear it to this day.
  • Coast LED flashlight. A 1889 Waltham mantle clock.
  • My daughter brought home a few books for me on politics and the oldest, a high school yearbook.
  • The newest is a book about sociology which has been printed this year. The oldest is also a book, it's from 1938.
  • Newest is a it this afternoon. Oldest is my formal suit
  • The newest thing was a gift from my son's wonderful girlfriend. It is a small photo album, the cover of which is made of Koa wood..there is a cutout of a sea turtle on the front of it. It is a work of art and only very special photos will be placed in it. In terms of oldest? My oldest appliance is a coffeemarker which was a gift from a friend in 1987. It is still going strong. In terms of clothes...I have some that are easily over 25-30 years old. I'm not hard on clothes and I don't throw away anything of sentimental I have a few things I no longer wear that I keep as treasures. :)
  • Well, I have this pair of socks that's about 25 years old; jk, LOL! I have a photo of me when I was 2, so that's the oldest thing. The newest is my pool.
  • My newest thing I own is probably my toothbrush and the oldest thing I own is my house.
  • A high definition camcorder is the newest thing I own. This house is probably the oldest thing I own.
  • My body is the newest, because everything else I have doesn't really belong to me, I just acquired it along the way. My soul is the oldest, because I would think it has been in existance since the world began, just existing on different levels of consciousness and dimensions.
  • Newest is...a book by Hunter S. Thompson, new matching boots and purse. Oldest is my grandfather's hat...he passed away when I was two and I turn 27 in six it is pretty old.

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