• I believe everything happens for a reason and everything has a purpose.
  • Shit happens - you just get on with it.
  • Take it as it comes, and get on with life. Dwelling on the past is harmful to your well being.
  • I have to take one thing at the time and i look forwards that i should have done better in my life .
  • Start each day with a new outlook on life.
  • Life is screwy. A man's sexual peak is in her teens. A woman's in her late forties. Ok here. Does this sound like Intelligent Design? If there was an Intelligent Designer, it must have been drunk. Once you comprehend that life is screwed up, it makes things easier to bear in the long run.
  • Nothing is truly worth worrying about. We make our own destinies, and I refuse to be a subject to "fate."
  • life is a challenge but with each challenge we rise to meet we get wiser. i usually get sad for awhile then say wtf get over yourself jen and get r done. +5
  • One Drink at A Time,,,,,I mean one Day at a Time ;)!!!
  • Every moment is a lesson and a gift.
  • Like a small snowglobe, if it gets to rough: Shake it!
  • Good Days in life give happiness..bad days give us experience..Both are necessary..SO i take life as it comes..and use my experience to avoid bad situations.
  • Like an adventure, and handle it like a ball game, trying to catch as many balls as i can, relishing the victories, and learning from the defeats. Enjoying it all the while.
  • when life throw me with lemons i make tequila +5
  • Most of the answers were productive. Life should be a learning experience that shouldn't stop till the day you die. You should try to learn something new every day even if it's so mundane as how to make a hot dog taste better. I'm a bit older than most who post here, and I have just a high school education. Reading, and now the internet, provide opportunity for further education. Not referring to online college, just the opportunity to gain knowledge. The net has saved me many trips to the library, and thousands of hours. I was born thirty years too soon to reap all the benefits of the net.
  • Play with the cards you are dealt.
  • I handle it day by day, and i pick and choose the things I feel like dealing w that day. Some things are just there, that don't necessarily have to be dealt with right away but never let these "problems" go un noticed. also... I handle my life by deciding what is more important and what is not worth my time, effort, or emotions.
  • Not always gracefully... But I enjoy a good pitch and growl as much as the next bit*h!
  • some ppl forget to enjoy the good times, and dwell on the bad!! ( try enjoying the good, handling the bad)
  • i see life like a rollacoster ride , u never know what its gonna bring u in the way . what ever life brings to me , im willing to face it with brave and tears .
  • I look at life through "chick vision". Duck and cover.
  • Your journey is your life. Handle the curves in the road with a sense of humor and respect for others.
  • For me most important is my family, so I try spending the maximum time I can with them. Only with them you spend the best time, and also I believe in the power of love and affection. We should have good relationships, but with only those people who support you and make you happy and comfortable, not with those who fill your mind with negative thoughts, and ultimately, ruin you. I think we should not overthink about what will happen in the future, instead we should just straight away try solving the problem "of the present" without worrying about it, but that does not mean I don't worry, of course I do, but much less than others.
  • After all I've been through I can make it though anything!
  • its annoying and how i handle it depends on whats going on

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