• well, in the state of iowa, youre legally 'mentally retarded' at points above retarded.
  • You might just be a poor test taker. Have you taken other tests such as the SAT? There is usually some correlation between the two scores.
  • Depending on you age it could be a good average for under 10 up to about 15. After that it would need to be higher.
  • Only if you think IQ matters. It only correlates well to academic success--know an iq and you can predict a grade point average, and the reverse. It seems to have no relation to later success in life, happiness, or anything else. It also fluctuates; mine has gone from a low of 110 to a high of 150. I doubt that either actually reflects my intelligence.
  • 7-26-2017 Nobody knows what IQ is, not even the people who sell the test. The test was developed in France to predict whether boys, not girls, could perform well in a specific French academy. They say there is no way to prepare for the test, but they have always known that the youngest boy in the class always gets the highest score, and you can raise a boy's score just by telling the teacher that his score was higher than it really was. This entire subject is bs from start to finish, but the world is stuck with it because everybody assumes that IQ is a law of the universe.
  • That's not bad actually because the guy who invented gods only had an IQ of 53.
  • If you think gods and other fairy tales are real, then 86 is about right for you.
  • I think it depends on the origin of the IQ test. No idea what your source was. That said However I suspect those what is your IQ on the net are not be trusted. IOW it depends on how valid , dependable the IQ test.
  • Vote Democrat and no one will ever know.

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