• I didn't realise it was going to end in 2012.
  • Would explaining to him what this is based on help? I know some kids thrive on information but others get freaked out by it.
  • Its so sad that this world has created so much hype out of nothing that now its scaring our children shitless. I would just try to explain that everything comes to an end and so long as we dont worry about it and let it rule our lives than everything will be ok. If you are catholic it may be easier to explain.
  • Do your best to reassure him that the world will not end. As you stated, people have been predicting the end of the world for centuries. I knew a guy who was dead-set sure that the world would end on July the 4th, 2008. If he still is afraid, and believes that the world may end in 2012, then you should tell him that 2012 is a long way away, and he can use the time between now and then to live his life to the fullest.
  • Remind him that it is a fanatical superstitious group of people who promote such ideas. Without discussing 2012, explain to him what "superstition" means. Explain that less intelligent, less educated, and less sophisticated people are often superstitious--but our family has never been superstitious.
  • You could try letting him look at this site:- No one can read that and still believe the world is going to end soon.
  • You are very fortunate to have this chance to talk about life and death with your 10 year old son. He is not terrified about 2012, he is terrified about death. When he was 10, my son came to me and said, "Dad, I don't want to die. Why do I have to die?" I stumbled all around the answer and the moment passed, I feel like I let him down to this day.
  • Tell him that he'll realise it was all just a silly story on his 14th birthday.
  • I'd skip trying to explain all the why's and wherefore's of nutty thinking. I would focus on the lesson that we need to teach our kids. Which is, how to go forward in the face of fear, how to live our lives without regret and how to live and love like it might be our last chance. That's what kids need to know. And it will be very useful in many less "catastrophic" scenarios.
  • This is based on the mayan calendar it is the most accurate calendar in the world man made~ but the reason 2012 Dec 21? it was the last recorded date on the calendar and that was not meaning the end of the world The war was supposed to end in 1914 (and like you~ i remember the so called doomsday date) the dates have come and gone~~ God is still in controll of the heavens and earth no man knows what hour the angel of the Lord will come again

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