• Nah, they were pretty much right. Lol.
  • Wow! No, not really. They had me pretty well nailed.
  • No. I don't respect their opinion of me enough to want to set them straight. Besides, with any luck at all, they are dead.
  • ONE! Brother Raymond in Paris's St Nicolas school. I nailed him with a slap in 1991 outside the train station where I had no business getting off so I can nail him. I warned him back in 1984, in school in the classroom, didn't believe me, took it as a joke, didn't know I would actually realize my saying but did, happens to happen for real. Son of bitch, tortured us in school back then, I nailed him. Hope he's watching us children nowdays, son of a bitch!
  • Beverly Eaton. I was right about everything, in her class, but she always said I was wrong. 20+ years later, and I've been proven correct, on everything.
  • Miss Dunning, although I would have to tell her she was right. She said I would never be any good at anything . Since she taught Needlework I was not too upset I hated it. and i still do as well as cooking.
  • My drafting teacher and for the life of me I cannot remember his name. The only thing I would have to say is, "thanks for giving a damn".
  • No. I was a straight A student through most of my school years; none of them ever had a bad word to say about me.
  • if by (say, "you were wrong about me? ") you mean kick the living shit out of, then yes. in second grade i had the same teacher my youngest uncle had had years before, she verbally and physically (insults, name calling, fingernails in my arms, being yanked around like a rag doll, forced to redo work over and over again for no reason then giving me f's for not having it done, that sort of thing) abused me every day and when my mother found out and went to the principle he just excused it as "here teaching style" she messed me up for school all the way through high school. i still say she was a witch and if i could i'd prove it the old fashion (Spanish inquisition) way with red hot pokers and drowning pools
  • I had a teacher in junior high which told me that she knew I would never go to college and make anything out of myself because I was struggling in her class. She told me to just graduate and plan to flip burgers my entire life. I would LOVE for her to see what I have become and what I have accomplished.
  • Yes, actually there are two and I mailed them both a copy of my degree in Organic Chemistry with the little "cum laude" seal on it.
  • 8-26-2017 No, but there is one assistant principal that I would beat the snot out of.

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