• People are willingly divorcing themselves from society. Using computers, Tweeting, texting, and other impersonal forms of communications is a huge barrier to person to person interaction. People have forgotten how to talk to each other and how to write a letter. This leads to rude behavior and the inability to communicate in a civilized manner. It's a shame that real person to person communication is not taught in schools. As an aside, I decided to not respond to 'texted language' questions and answers. My very small protest.
  • Where do You draw the line? STOP BUYING.
  • New stuff is being hyped way too much. Why would I want my mp3 player to have a 3d menu, if the sound quality is the same? It is a danger for children that get exposed to commercials though, most commercials these days aren't about the product, just about the hype around it...
  • I don’t know if I would go so far as to say each new gadget makes the previous one obsolete. Usually they have a few more knobs on so as to make them more appealing to those who feel the need to have the latest and greatest model. This is what drives the market. I have only just got a new mobile after 7 years with the last one.(which could only make phone calls and texts) New one has a camera and an MP3 player. This will last me another 7 years. I will not replace it unless there is something that is a real requirement. I guess you draw the line at what you really need a device to do. this will vary with each individual. If enough people demand a phone with biometric identification, then the producers will make one, You can't blame them for that.
  • I don't buy the gadgets just because. When I actually need something I look around to see what's available at the time.
  • I think most of it is unnecessary. The gadgets aren't really that useful, especially when they come with a 50 page booklet to tell you how to work the damn thing. It's all a marketing ploy, so literally, I'm not buying it. As to where I draw the line, I only buy what I really need. +5

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