• Yes, and thank you for asking--we have already learned to recognize what we DON'T want in a life's partner and are much more able not only to recognize ut to appreciate our perfect lifemate!
  • I believe that they do ... I know that I did . +5
  • Yes I think they probably do they have learned what it is they want in life and how to accept the faults in partners they realise that life is about compromise and working at relationships.
  • I do, especially if you've had it and lost it(for whatever reason). You realize how important and fragile it can be. Hopefully, as you age, you have learned from your mistakes (both in your previous choices for a partner and your own screw ups). The most important thing I have come to realize is that nobody is perfect, but if you are truly in love, you work through those imperfections.
  • Definitely. 48 when I met my partner and I am certainly more tolerant, more open and more able to have freedom.We have different hobbies but share more. I just wish I met him sooner. when I was fitter, less conscious of my ageing process.
  • I do because I feel with maturity comes wisdom and a better grasp on knowing what is most important to us. chances are the love we find is a true love because we are willing not to settle for someone based solely on loneliness. Not to say that the young do not find true love as some do but for the majority this does not seem to be true. We also learn that it is not just a compromise but learning to accept our mates for who they are, not for how we can change them. The appreciation comes with knowing we put forth so much to make sure we find love and not just a companion, a lover or someone to fill a void.
  • my friends and i always felt that ppl who have found love later in life really do appreciate it more because ppl tend to be more mature and have more wisdom.:)
  • If they hadn't found any love earlier in their lives it is only natural that they appreciate the new found love immensely. This would be particularly true of people having a baby later in their life. They would shower all the love they are capable of on the baby than their younger counterparts would.
  • most definitely!
  • i think they realize it more .
  • in my case no,but i have seen married couples that have everything to be greatful for take the relationship for granted,so yes +5
  • Yes, we lived, we learned, now we enjoy.

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