• I don't understand what you mean come out to them?
  • I have had girls come on to me when mentioning their sexual preferences. I think it depends on the relationship, but there is that tension when the words "I am just wanting to be friends, and in no way into you" are not spoken and believed. It helps if you already are with someone else already. Not fair, but it's just reality.
  • Oh, you're female, and you're mentioning that you're lesbo? Well, I'd expect that such things may be more of a timing issue. What are the contexts that you choose to bring up the subject? I'd imagine that they're wondering: "Why does she choose to mention this NOW?" Or "I already know that she is, why does she keep mentioning it?"
  • I certainly have never assumed anything of the kind. What you choose to think about yourself is your own business but please don't expect that others will buy into it.

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