• Bad choices, different values, different interest, different personalities, different culture.
  • Because he kept on thinking with the wrong head:):)
  • Oh! she got the seven year itch four years early! :-/ Lol...
  • 1st divorce.....She decided to share our bed with someone else while I was at work and got caught. 2nd divorce.....I have health problems and I would not do anything about it and she could not stand seeing me waste away, as she put it. We got divorced after 18 years....I did not like being without her, so I got my crap together, started seeing Dr's and started getting better and she came back...We did not re marry, but have been back together as a couple now for 7 years.
  • Irreconcilable differences. I married a woman who turned out to be a lying psycho, and didn't find out until too late. I was young and stupid.
  • I'm not divorced yet, but I will be soon. I married into a huge lie, See, we were on and off, on one of our off times, he had a girlfriend, they broke up, we got back togehter and engaged, then she tells him shes preg. a month later. I told him I would not marry him and would leave so that he can be a father. They also worked in the same building. He told me she had an abortion and wants nothing to do with her, then Later I found out (after we got married) that she was still pregnant and he had been having sex with her at work the whole time, she knew he was married too, but he denied it at first. Lovely huh? So the day I found out he was cheating, I packed all my stuff and left the house and never looked back, funny thing is,he blames me for cheating. HA! Idiot..Oh yeah and I found all of this out 2 WEEKS into the marriage. That didnt last long.
  • I was really young, he was really abusive...enough said.
  • I was married to a lazy SOB who wanted to stay at home, not cook, not clean, not shower regularly, sell drugs, and go fishing three times a year. But at least I am not bitter.
  • For me personally, I wasn't in love either time that I got married... so lesson learned. After several years of feeling like I was missing out on something else that might be out there for me, I left. Next time I marry for love... not obligation.

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