• A big Hell Yes is the answer seek help or go insane, one will likely lead to another, depression is yuor minds way of ignoring something.
  • No ,not 2 your doctor
  • Yes, most definitely. It is one of the recognised symptoms (although, so is an inability to sleep, I believe). When I had depression I did not want to get out of bed, you couldn't have paid me to. Although it is also a sign of many other things both physical and mental (and not necessarily associated with mental illnesses or disorders such as depression). It would be worth getting checked out if you cannot see a reasonable and natural explanation for this feeling. Here is a list of the sypmtoms of depression:
  • Yes. Talk to someone like a parent, teacher, counselor, or other adult your trust.
  • It could be but it could also be others things, such as a sleep disorder (sleep apnea, chronic fatigue, narcolepsy...), endocrine dysfunction, etc. Best thing to do is have your doctor do a full check-up, including blood tests, etc.
  • It could be a sign of depression, but it could also be other things, too. Protein and Iron shortages can both make you feel tired constantly. Out of curiosity, do you specifically feel sleepy, or do you just not want to get out of bed?
  • Yes. That is one of the signs of depression; but it can also be the cause of other underlying illness. Go see your doctor and have him check you out. Hope you feel better.
  • No, it's a sign of fatigue and laziness.
  • It's a sign, but if you're asking this question I will put my money on, YOU ARE NOT DEPRESSED. You know when you're depressed. You just need a change of diet and more exercise is my guess.
  • Well, yes, but it could also be a number of other things as well. If you do a google search for "mistaken for depression" you'll find a long list of possible problems (i.e. underactive thyroid, poor high blood pressure medication, corticosteroids or chemotherapy, even diabetes). So, while perhaps there may be a depression problem, the real question is, "why"? So, like Veronica, I'd recommend that you not assume anything and go see your doctor. There's a chance that it could be a lesser, or greater problem. Typically though, there would be a family history of the problem. Axe
  • It could be. It could also be a sign that you're not sleeping enough, or that you're not eating enough. Your body tells you you need to sleep when you don't have enough energy, which could be due to mood, such as depression, or a physical thing ^_^
  • +5 How many times have I told you to stay away from mirrors. No wonder you are depressed. . . Seriously,like all the others said, see your doctor. It could be a mild depression or it could be a physical problem that you could cure early. SEE YOUR DOCTOR my friend
  • No, you're just tired. You will know when you are depressed, it's a mental state of mind.
  • That is a sign of depression Kewl. But it can also be signs of many other things! I can't see you depressed. You are too bubbly on AB and out for a good laugh or giving a good laugh to others! You probably should see a doctor hun! Just to be on the safe side. And if it is depression they will give you something to balance those out of whack hormones and make you feel more like running a merathon. lol Not really run a marathon but just happy to be alive and able to do what you wanna do. Best to you my good friend!!! (((HUGS))) +5
  • No your a lazy chappy, who needs to pull him self together
  • I hope not Kewl! Maybe you're catching a "bug" ... have you been sleeping OK? There could be lots of reasons. Maybe if you see your doctor, he could do some blood work and that might shed some light on it. Good Luck!! ((hugs))
  • Yes, it could.
  • Yes, it could - among other things it might be. Time to see the doc.
  • It can be a sign. If your not certain about going to the doctor, do a selftest first. There are many on the internet.
  • er yes

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