• Well, all the mastiffs are similar to a degree. My particular favorite is the Neapolitan Mastiff from Italy. All of them need a great deal of exercise, especially when they are young. The best exercise for them is long walks with an adult. They are expensive to feed and vet; they are difficult and costly to board (if you have to leave town for the holidays, for example); they are a lot of work to clean up after and exercise. These articles will tell you the standard for each breed, and you will pick up on other differences as well, in the narratives: Italian Mastiff -- Cane Corso Brazilian Mastiff -- Fila Brasileiro Both articles have links down at the bottom that will hook you up with breed clubs. Maybe checking those will lead you to someone who owns one of each, and can speak more intimately about the differences. Both are very strong, powerful dogs and I would NOT recommend them for a home with small children. Even the nicest dog can be confused about how to act with such little people. :) BRASILIEROS: Even if they act protective of "their own" children, they may be very dangerous to little kids who come over to play. THEY DO NOT LIKE GUESTS, even adult guests. Their ears and tails are not cropped. They are so dangerous that the United Kingdom does not permit anyone to own a Brasiliero without specific court permission. CORSOS: not AS dangerous to children and guests as Brasilieros, but still have the capacity to kill. A pair of Cane Corsos killed a woman in an apartment building hallway a couple of years ago, while she was putting her keys in her own door and they were setting out on a walk with their owner. Corsos also have a tighter, sleeker skin than the Brasilieros (who get loose skins from a Bloodhound ancestor). Their ears are --sometimes-- cropped brutally short; avoid this if you can, as it leaves the inner ears exposed to insects and other problems. If you want a purebred for a reasonable price, you should check their breed rescue leagues and save an animal from destruction. Most of the dogs in this list were given up because the original buyer didn't understand that a little puppy would grow up to be a very big, muscular dog: Cane Corso Filo Brasiliero I CANNOT RECOMMEND EITHER BREED FOR HOMES WITH OR NEAR CHILDREN, OR CHILD VISITORS. These were bred to be working dogs and although many people will disagree, I feel strongly they should be kept to the work they were bred for, and not used as pets.
  • Hi, I would like to say Ankhorite you need to check your sources because it was not a pair of Cane Corsos that mauled that woman in California in was a pair of Presa Canario dogs. Regards, Tiramisu
  • I'll make this answer short and sweet.. The breeds differ much in their body type. The Brazilian mastiffs have longer necks and a more lengthy physic. The Cane Corso is is more stout in stature and put's on more muscle. Now in terms of temperament, sure these dogs where bread to be fighters, and guard dogs. There extremely loyal, and protective. The key to having them well adjusted to social situations is to just to start exposing them when they are young to other people places and dogs.. Mastiff Make Great pets.. And you can learn more about them in this mini-course here:

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