• For the same reason that science can tell us how the sun works without building a new sun in the lab.
  • Great question. I've wondered this myself.
  • Because we can't create life in a petri dish yet so it can't be proven yet. Schools should be free to push prevailing scientific theories- as long as they state that they are just theories.
  • Fair enough. Get me a bottle of ameretto and a gorgeous redhead. I'll show you how it's done on purpose!
  • Truly PROVING anything is fairly hard to do in the realm of science. It has still yet to be PROVEN that smoking causes cancer. There are always so many variables that are outside of a tester's control. Science instead relies mostly on induction from a preponderance of evidence that "strongly suggests" something or another. Proof beyond a shadow of a doubt is tough for any field, though (sometimes, even math).
  • A question for you: If it was proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt, would you believe and accept it?
  •'s a theory...not a proven fact? . That's why it's called a theory and pushed as a theory and not pushed as a fact. . Because it's a theory. . Not a proven fact. . THEORY. . NOT FACT. . If you study any science, you'll discover that there are very few proven facts in it, because theories are constantly questioned. And considering the theory of life randomly occurring is based in randomness and not being "done on purpose," that makes it pretty hard to scientifically prove in a lab. . More textbooks: less Bible. . Buh-bye!

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