• I dont think thats a good idea. Maybe when you're married.
  • This may be just me. But I really recommend you don't get a tattoo dealing with your boyfriend. But it's your body and do with it what you want.
  • nope don't us any names or initials. you never know what the future might bring. i personally like it on a girls butt or the small of her back. lovely to look at when you are doing it doggie style.
  • Good idea! A plain "T" will give you options for "Terry" or "Tommy" later on too! ;-)
  • Yea dont get the tattoo you will regret it later
  • DO NOT get a tattoo representing your boyfriend EVER! Not even if you get married. It's a curse.
  • Ok so here is MY OPINION.....I would never get a guys name tattooed on me. I know u don't think so now but, what if u break up with him? Then, u will have to worry about what you will get to cover up his name......... Just think long and hard on it .. Maybe you should design your own symbol of you guys love or something....
  • So basically you'll be branded? Don't do it.
  • i talked a friend out of this a couple of years ago and i did right, they broke up and she thanked me for not letting her get one. im not saying you will break up but what if you do? you wont want it reminding you of him everytime you see it in that case will you? especially in a new relationship.
  • whatever you do, do not get his name or his initials on you. If you want to show him that it represents him, do something with meaning for you and just tell him it was for him.. lol
  • I've worked with several tattoo artists. You will get lauged at if you walk in a shop and tell them this. Tattoo artists hate putting names, initials, and couples/friend tattoo's. Wanna know why? Because when things get fucked up in that relationship your right back in their shop for a cover up. Getting something for your boyfriend, whether it be a name or anything that symbolizes your relationship, is a big deal and not something I'd recommend. If your going to get a tattoo do it for you... and not for your boyfriend. Make it something that is going to mean something to you forever. Boyfriends come and go... so be careful who's name or what symbols you put on your body. Remeber it is permanent.
  • I have to agree with everyone else. I believe a tatto is a sure fire way of sabotaging your relationship. DON'T DO IT!
  • I have nothing against tattoos but I think you should just get a small tattoo for yourself if that's really what you want, a rose, angel...etc.. Why put someones name/initials on your body not knowing if your going to be with that person for life or even next month, it could cause problems in the future!
  • As most people have said already, DON'T! Don't get me wrong, I'm the very proud wearer of ink myself, but please never do something stupid like that.
  • I advise against it. Keep in mind a butterfly on the back can eventually become a buzzard in the crack!

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