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  • Some become extremely violent and others develope an inferiority complex.Whatever may be the cause,they loose their respect towards the no matter if,it's father,mother or any other person.Some kids start hating each and everyone they confront but,the reality is they starve for love from inside and some people never back off to take an advantage out of that.People show fake affection to draw advantage out of them and trash them saying,"You deserve nothing more".I feel like owning a place where I can raise all such kids and show the abusive morons what they really worth and what they deserve. .
  • Some of us, decide to not be a member of the chain and refuse to physically abuse our kids.
  • if there any bad reasons, then I don't feel like to talk to any of those, I don't like to trust or respect of those, I feel like to be myself, I curse them all the way and all the time that whatever they did to me, some day or somebody should do the same things to them that it should make them to suffer and realize them that whataver they did in the past and they should not do it on anybody again.
  • You feel like you have to be stronger than others in order to gain control, therefore resulting in being a bully.
  • depends on the person.
  • People who were abused as children tend to be child abusers themselves. It takes learning and control to change. Hooray for those who make the change. + 5
  • the memories of being physically abused as a child

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