• Not often at all. Usually only mutter expletives under my breath or when alone, occasionally at home - all those times, it's when I'm stressed out and exasperated about something. Nothing sounds worse than those whose every second or third word is a swear word!
  • rarely, sometimes with co-workers. i never use them around young people or family/friends.
  • Never. "expletives" are fillers that you use instead of vulgar language. For instance, "#$%^&^%$" or "gosh darn it". I'll leave those to cartoon characters and WASP's.
  • I never use expletives. I don't see why I would want to. I have a good enough command of the English language to put my point across in a positive manner, without having to swear.
  • Usually only when i walk into something by accident +5
  • Almost every conversation i will have for the next year will probably contain vulgar language
  • Rarely, Ive got to be pretty angry which doesn't happen that often.
  • Never in casual language. Once in a while, if I "walk into something" in a bad way.
  • Not often,,,,never in anger,,,but one is the most discriptive word ever,,,,and is often used to discribe pain,horror,wonderment,great beauty,amazement,anger,surprise,speed, and even bewilderment ,,,,so is this really a swear word,,,,i think not,,,,what word could replace it
  • Very rarely. They quickly lose their power if you stuff every sentence full of them.
  • I use them at work, but rarely in my normal life.
  • My husband recorded a conversation between my mother, myself, my father and him at my folks house the other night. I told my father to "get the hell out" while I was helping my mother try to clean a cluttered room. I was shocked at how much my mom used the word "S-H-I-T", over and over again....I guess she was really mad.
  • Yes and no. On AB for example, I use them and also use strategically placed asterisks...examples would be he** or dam*. I never ever use them at anyone..usually I use them when I am describing a situation or an occurrence or a circumstance. I do swear at the TV on occasion when some political spinmeisters start spinning and spit out the most outrageous lies...boyohboy then I let him/her have it with both barrels! Happy Sunday! :)
  • A lot. Like, a shit-ton. I tend to utilize all the vocabulary I have at my disposal; words don't get excluded simply because they're deemed somehow socially vulgar. Ever watch an episode of Deadwood? I talk kind of like Al Swearengen. When I get frustrated, the amount of words I use increases, which I'm sure means I use more expletives...although when I become exasperated, I grow increasingly silent, which is generally a sign that ending the conversation is a good idea for everyone involved.
  • Rarely.. sometimes when talking with my dad, or S/O I use them to highlight how I feel, make an impact, - but this is more because I know they would not judge me for it or feel offended. I used to use them an awful lot, I really worked on it to cut the use of them right down.
  • When I am by myself and can't find the parts that I just put in a "safe place". %%#@$%% parts!
  • I used to swear a lot, and I've cut down an aweful lot. I do know that here and there they do come out, but I realize how it sounds coming out of someone elses mouth, especially in a normal conversation, and I don't want to sound like that. However when I am by myself I do swear a bit more. I suppose I am work in progress and now that I am aware of it, I can do more about it.

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