• Yes it does. It will drop a guy to the ground like nothing else.
  • Definately! I'm a guy and I'll tell you that it will slow a guy down a great deal. Using that move should be a latter response, then get the heck out of there because later the adrenaline will kick in and anger will take over! +3
  • Well, it certainly wouldn't hurt. Actually it would hurt. A lot. There are probably easier and more effective targets but if you get a chance to scramble his eggs don't pass it up.
  • I say for self defense against a guy, a women should kick him in the knee and then kick him in the balls. thats a guarantee count to 10 for the guy and it gives you time to flee.
  • sure, it doesn't even have to be that hard... it's definitely debilitating under normal circumstances. . just play kicking it can immobilize. you don't even need a good aim, a solid grazing will do. fortunately i haven't really had the opportunity of seeing how much it hurt when the person doin it is really trying to hurt you. i'm betting it works fine.
  • if you kick fast and hard and you feel that your toes have hit his nuts in his testicles, dont worry about adernalin and anger there will be none...especially if you kick him with pointie shoes
  • Depends on two things: 1. Getting a solid kick in to the nads. They're pretty d*mn sensitive, but it's not as easy as you might think to get a good kick in. 2. Whether or not drugs are involved. Different drugs may inhibit pain, or act to counter pain which would normally be debilitating.
  • It could. Then again, if you don't kick in the right place or with enough force, it could serve to anger your assailant so that instead of stealing your purse, he'll beat you up. And then steal your purse.
  • Yes. Have you ever kicked a guy where it hurts??

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