• I'd bet on it. +5
  • Probably, especially city ones. I wonder who you have to piss of to be hired as a body bag cleaner.
  • Well I do not know for sure, but I can't think of many reasons not to. Certainly not for the health of the deceased, but possibly to avoid contamination for the purposes of evidence collection. Possibly for protection of the officers using them. Possibly the gross factor.
  • EWWWWWW! I would HOPE not! Considering that they only cost between $12 and $35 each.
  • Good question. i do not have a definite answer, but i would bet that body bags are reused. they are expensive and someone would have to clean each one. I have yet to see a classifiend ad asking for a "body bag cleaner". No thanks. i'll just stay on welfare.
  • They do get reused and sometimes on more then several occasions using the same bag....they are cleansed after each use and I have no clue with what type of chemicals are used to clean them but that is what I was told when I questioned a medical examiner.
  • Yes they do but they have a removable inner liner that is tossed away and not reused. The outer body bags are cleaned after each use but rarely do the liners leak so it would also be rare to find anything gross.
  • Maybe the fancy leather-looking ones are used mainly in movies.
  • I hope not.
  • I believe so.....

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