• It's not too bad, it depends on what you got in the Reading and the Math. Colleges look at the writing but don't take it as seriously as the other two. I'm guessing you did higher than a 500 in each so thats pretty good!
  • since this is your total score, then i won't bullshit you, it's not that great a score. look at your percentile rank that came with your score report. you can see you're probably not above the 85th percentile. then again, 'good' is relative depending on the selectivity of the colleges you are applying to. if i were you, i'd take some SAT prep classes and study at least 9 hours a week for the test.
  • it depends... if you get a 2.0 gpa yeah a 1630 is pretty good... if you get a 4.0 1630 isnt that good. good is all relative
  • Dunno, but it's a good time to start preparing dinner.

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