• me either i love soda.. but i love the soda because its fizzy.. so now i get flavored sparkling water
  • I just drank a tall glass sitting here ABing. Thirst quenching and I was distracted so it went down in no time.
  • I feel the same way! I have a hard time getting enough water in my diet...Here are some tips I hope you find useful... First, Have a glass or bottle of water in your sights at all times. I'm a firm believer in "out of sight, out of mind" so if I don't have a glass of water on the counter or my desk throughout the day, I'll sometimes forget to drink. Second, Keep your water cold at all times. I despise drinking warm water. My face puckers up and I want to throw it up. Keeping some ice on hand is always a must around here, plus I have a giant Brita filter in my fridge that is always topped off. I find it much easier to down a glass of ice cold water than a lukewarm one. If you're out of the house, remember to put a few bottles of water in the freezer the night before so you can take them with you. Third, Add some flavor to your water by squeezing some lime or lemon into it. Personally, I'd rather drink it plain but if citrus is your thing, then go for it! You can also add some flavor crystals, but keep in mind that if they don't contain sugar, they probably do contain aspartame, which isn't exactly healthy for you.
  • Flavour it with anything you like. Its the liquid thats important, not what type. I favour single malt whisky as a flavouring.
  • The secret to water make sure it is cold real cold.
  • My wife likes to add Crystal Lite flavor packets to her water.
  • I don't like drinking water, either - except the fruit-flavored kind, which is delicious. Plain water I prefer only slightly cool, if I have to drink it. The flavored water is best nice and cold!
  • Mix it with varieties of sugar free cordial, Orange, Blackcurrant ect.
  • Flavor it with sugar free tubes of Crystal light or the generic form.*+++++*
  • Even though I love water I don't usually drink to right amount any way but try to drink some water now and again and even add it with dilute juice of something
  • You can get your daily water intake not only from pure water, but also from coffee, juice, yoghurt, tea, soups, jello etc. Some people will add a few drops of lemon or lime just to give it a tint of flavour and make it go down easier. If you are not thirsty, chances are your water intake levels are fine. Don't worry about not consuming enough water, you probably are.
  • you cold use packets of stuff like propel ans koolaid and stuff like that.
  • 5-8-2017 Maybe you don't need as much as strangers on the internet tell you. Your own body is usually more reliable than advice from amateur doctors. Study some books about nutrition so you know a few things.
  • Actually if you eat foods with 70% or more water content you will get much of the liquids you need. Particularly fruits and vegetables. Do you like watermelons?
    • Linda Joy
      Watermelons are diuretic to but then again so is water.
  • I like to use the sugar-free raspberry lemonade drink mix packets. Or the fruit punch. But I like ice water too!
  • If you start being sick then you know you're not getting the right amount of water. Drink more sugar free liquids. Fruit juice is not sugar free and some have more sugar than soda's
  • just put something in it like koolaid or tea or coffee
  • just put stuff in it like koolaid

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