• I have never been in one but I would imagine they are kept quite clean as they would be on the front line for inspections.
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      You're joking, right?
  • That depends on the company and how they hold their standards and the management. So every one is different. I remember a Wendy's I always ate at and I had no issues. New workers and management and every time I ate there I would get sick so you can figure that out. If you go into the restroom that will give you an idea of how well they keep the place clean.
  • Depends on resturants in general or a perticlular one.
  • i really dont wanna know
  • i would say not very, so few inspectors i would think they would serve the rats as well..
  • They tend to meet the standards of the local areas government. That standard can vary quite a bit. + 5
  • I was quite glad I don't eat meat when I heard of human sperm in a burger from McDonalds! From my observation, in the U.S., it seems to somewhat vary with which state the restaurant is in.
  • I've heard there was research done that showed that restaurants like MacDonald's and other similar ones had far cleaner kitchens than most people have in their own homes.
  • It depends on the wise management a restaurant have hired for the kitchen.
  • Not very. I've seen things (as a customer) you would not believe. One I've seen MANY times is workers handling money or picking up something off the floor and going back to handling the food WITHOUT washing their hands.
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      The other big problem is false cleanliness: taking money and going back to food without changing gloves.
  • It really varies. Go with your gut
  • As hygienic as the inspectors say it is and the inspection paper is posted for all to see.

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