• Not without humans yo...
  • Planes can't fly by themselves, Submarines can't swim, they are propelled by man, and Computers can't think unless man connects the logic through manipulated code originated by a human. When computers actually feel, rationalize, and produce the human thought process, then they will be capable of real time thinking.
  • Yes ( by auto-pilot), Yes (with the help of computer chips) and...Yes. Not really thinking but summarizing all the facts and stating a logical conclusion. Lately I was hearing on the News that scientist are really concerned about Robots taking over humans and making slaves out of us. Isn't this already happening with our PC's?????
    • Linda Joy
      lol good point, but its still a PERSONAL CHOICE.
  • humans make them work and ultimately in retune we weill de inslaved by the machines look at the car supposed to give us fast mobility is now slower than walking in major towns
  • Every machine listed here , ie the plane, submarine, computer can only function if controlled by a human.
  • No, Short Circuit and Terminator were just movies. Here in reality "They just run programs."

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