• Suspense. Don't give too many clues to who it really is. Make sure they're integral to the plot. And don't do what the bone collector did and only show the killer once, who had nothing but 3 words to say 20 minutes into the movie up until the end. Also you want to give other characters a slight motive to do it. Just to keep everyone guessing, mind. Cast the doubt on several people... 'course, this more towards a thriller, then anything... if your going for a straight horror, with monsters and everything, never fully show what/who it is. Keep everyone guessing as to what really is going on. Make the person watching feel like they are part of it, ya know? Keep them guessing and active through out the entire process.
  • Look at any of the psychopaths who have be locked up over the past 25 years and you should find plenty of material to base a character on.

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