• Yes i have been a few times to a gay club and had a brilliant time and i will go again:)
  • I've been to almost every gay bar in the state of Ohio because my brother is gay and frequently requested that I go out with him. Let me tell you, I had some of the best times of my life during my younger years at gay bars. There's no pressure, no conformity, the music is usually excellent and the dancing is always better! Plus they make their drinks hard and strong like I like them! I would definitely recommend trying one out if you haven't.
  • Yes. I've gone to go drink & other times, we went just to go dancing. One time, when we set out to dance, we went to a gay club & I was the only one of my friends who knew it was a gay club (until we were inside). I assumed they knew. I was going to dance AND to see the drag show; I had never seen one. We ended up going back there several times to dance because my friends liked the music & the lack of straight men trying to grind up on them! I have enjoyed them every time.
  • I went to Heaven in Lubbock once. It was fun, but only because I had a girlfriend with me. The second she went to the bathroom, some guy came and asked me to dance.
  • Yes I've gone to three of them. Here in Vancouver there is a large gay community and thus, they have great clubs with amazing music. I went because it was recommended to me. The cover was reasonable, the people at the door were not rude and very accepting. The people inside were all happy. Even though is a gay club with a mostly male predominant crowd at the beginning, now it is a staple for great music and really mixed crowds. By that i mean that heterosexual and non-heterosexual people go there. Seriously, if you want to see people that are not stock up, go to a gay club.
  • me and a couple of friends (all of us straight) went into one on Beale street by mistake once. we were all already drunk but I noticed there were no women there. I asked the bartender and he confirmed that it was a gay bar, so I told him my two friends were celebrating "coming out of the closet", then I ordered them both a drink, told the bartender to tell them it was in honor of them coming out, and then I snuck out. They never did tell me what happened, but they wanted to fight.
  • Yeah, when I was younger I used to go to gay clubs and gay bars a lot. The reason - a hell of lot of my friends were gay and lesbian, so I wanted to have fun with them. Plus I was busy exploring my sexuality too. I loved them... so, so much more friendly than any other clubs I have been to. Great atmosphere, and just lovely fun places =)
  • Yes. I went to see one of my employees performing in the drag show. He was great and it was really fun. :)
  • Is that you in the avatar sjhuber? You're beautiful.
  • Im gay/bi and i have not yet gone to a gay club, but i definitely would go, infact i really do want to go to a gay club.
  • yes, the drag queens are hilarious!
  • Question Part 1. Yes! I think a number of them would have closed down if it weren't for my business! I had major GBFFMs...i.e., Gay Bar Frequesnt Flyer Miles. :-) Question Part 2. None of you business! :-) Question Part 3. Of course. I never had a other than a gr8...I mean GR8, fun, time! Question Part 4. Given the above, moot. (I had to edit the's Happy Wine Hour here at home.) :-) The biggest, bestest gay club I ever experienced (more times than I can care to recall) was The M&K in a place called Asbury Park, New Jersey, a coastal resort town. It was the second such bar I went to, invited by my current and only S/O/BEST Friend of, now, 36+ years. Anyway, the M&K was a three-story warehouse with huge rooms and five bars. One July 4th weekend back in the 70's, when the S/O and I first "landed on the ground", the M&K had over 8,000...EIGHT THOUSAND!...cover-charged customers enter their doors...all STR8, of course. LOL Let's just say, the place ROCKED! But, ah, those daze (sic) are now history. +5, sj
  • Yes i have, i went because my friends cousin who is gay wanted us to go, i had a good time, i have gay friends but i have to say what i saw was quite eye popping it was very interesting to see.
  • I haven't been to one, I would go if the people I was out with wanted to go but it probably wouldn't be my first choice of venue.
  • i have not. i wouldnt even know where to go to one. LOL!

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