• my niece is 9 she has a laptop, and a blackberry. She is also probably smarter than i am:))
  • i think a laptop is a very nice high school graduation gift and graduation is the perfect occasion to give/receive ones first laptop
  • I think it varies completely with the kid. Some as young as eight, and others not until maybe fourteen. I'm only basing this on observing kids as I have none.
  • When ever they can afford it theirself.
  • I think above 10 years old will be ok, but be sure to install some appropriate security software to prevent access to adult sites.
  • 18, and have a prons filter
  • It varies from child to child. Some are capable of using laptops responsibly before they leave school. But generally it is ideal to let them have one of their own after they complete schooling.
  • Hi! It's good to see you! I'm not sure a laptop is the answer, CT. It would first depend on which is cheaper and a better deal - a laptop or a desk top. If it is a laptop, then the age will vary, because kids vary. My oldest daughter could have had one 3 years ago. My youngest may NEVER have one :) +5
  • in average, at the age of 15...but they should be encouraged doing something creative... for me, I'd like to have my one when I could afford to buy my one...
  • People are concerned about porn affecting kids,affordabilty,smartness of the kids and other stuffs but,is anyone really bothered about what posture? Yeah,for a kid in growth phase below 16 years of age,posture is the thing that raises so many health issues and laptops are the equipments which is most responsible for bad posture in adults so,what's the hope from a kid.Many parents don't know the basic posture to use the laptop and in that case what would they advise their kids? They will just brag that their kid is smart enough to use a lappy being a 6 year old but they never consider the fact about the health issues related to incorrect postures.The laptop mouse pad is the one that leads to a lot of health hazards and i have seen a very few people using mouse with lappy.The screen position also don't coincide with the top of your head and most of the time people have to bend their back or lay on bed or sofa at home to work on it. . Forget other parameters,I'd never advise a kid to play around with laptop,rather I'd suggest him to use a desktop PC with an adjustable chair for height adjustments and explore the releams of his smartness.
  • when it p*sses off his dad
  • My daughters have had computers for years, since they were 10. I always saw it as being in their best interest to have the exposure. My oldest daughter (16) is a wiz with things like Photshop and the like. That's a bit too complicated for me. They've generally have had desktops but I have passed on older laptops. This is purely a parental decision.
  • When they have earned the money to buy it.

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