• It's called insubordination. It doesn't seem fair, but you do often have recourse if you're being unfairly treated by your boss. You can contact a union representative, your boss' supervisor or human resources. You can also go outside the company and complain to your local labor board, who responds to complaints of unfair treatment and pay.
  • well, that's because most employment is at-will - meaning the company can fire you at any time for any reason and you can quit at any time for any reason. I agree it does feel like a jerk boss can pretty much get away with murder and there's not much you can do about it. In the future if you have to deal with an abusive employer, make sure you document each incident, gather witnesses (if possible) and engage the perpetrator in some kind of written communication about the incident. That way if you get fired over taking action against this person, you may at least have a case for wrongful termination.
  • It's the way of life. If your boss does this constantly, record them each time they happen. Try to gather evidence in case you ever do want to act against him in the future. Plus, keeping a log might be a good way to vent your frustrations. But don't keep your log at the office where coworkers/your boss can find it.
  • I would never stay in a job where I was spoken to in an abusive way or if I felt like "crap" afterward. There isn't a paycheck in this world large enough to tolerate that kind of mistreatment.
    • TBO
      would be a waste of a life actually.
  • Because the people who make those rules are assholes.
    • TBO
      Yes!!! I had a few..Hello..
  • You just need to grow up and take charge of your life. If you like the job you have, it only makes sense to try to get along with your coworkers. If you don't like your job, it only makes sense to quit and see what else you can find. Some people need to learn better manners, and the painful fact is nobody will try to teach you better manners. You have to get lost and come back when you don't have any such need.
  • For the fact workers are afraid and put up with it. I had a few that were assholes and I let them know. I made sure I contacted the Labor Board ahead of time. Getting unemployment wasn't bad..Much better than quitting.
  • probably cause two wrongs dont make it right
  • Yes. Insubordination is a reason for unemployment. If the boss vetbally harasses you then report it to Human Resources and or your union if you have one.
  • Hmm! Methinks you should work for him!
  • maybe you can talk to his boss if he does that

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