• How about, no? =)
  • Not really.
  • Lol! Uhm...No.
  • loll no thanks, might as well make a halo 3 Christian edition...convert those covenants instead of killing them, and if they refuse then you stone them to death
  • Well, seeing as it's obviously an anti-Christian hoax, it would have really failed as such if it actually encouraged a non-Christian to convert.
  • I'm a Christian. I find it offensive.
  • That is too funny. Thanks for the laugh. And to answer your question, no not really.
  • While I find this offensive, let's discuss something about Christian history: About 140 years ago General William Booth started the Salvation Army, a Christian denomination that used (and still uses) popular musical styles to get the sinners to hear the Gospel message. That's how their brass band started. While I don't like their music, they do a wonderful job. Thankfully, worship musical styles come in many varieties. If I had a video with slow, long meter hymns, you might find them boring. (Frankly, I don't like videos much, either.) But I wouldn't put down the person who likes anything. While my view of God is narrow by the world's standards, God is big enough to accommodate everyone.
  • Haha no it doesn't, but it does make me wanna put on my dancing shoes.
  • OH YES! Where do I go sign up at? The local pleasure machine arcades must now be a bastion of goodliness (bushism i guess), god fearing christinsanity young men and women. Now if pac man and especially miss pac man can be brought back in time we can convert an older generation to all this goodiness stuff. Ooops..lets take it a step further.. Let's take it so far back that it can be installed on the old style pinball machines and maybe even checkers that get up and do the divine dance to depoisonfy all those evil baby eating monster kids out there.
  • Oh, this... this is... there are no words. And this part: "Yes, using GOVERNMENT FUNDING, your Church can have one of our revolutionary 'Dance Dance Resurrection' games installed free of charge (non funded institutions charged at $4000 per installation) - And the Arcade MUST ACCEPT the proposal, thanks to our statute on FREEDOM OF RELIGIUOS SPEECH." OMG, that's hilarious. I wonder how the politically conservative can justify that? Hahaha. Christian product placement is so strange. They have a long history of Fail. Like the "Jesus Loves You" lightswitch plate (Yeah, kiddies, I bet he does).
  • Hell, no, it makes me fear them all the more.
  • what ever next eh!
  • I was really excited because I love DDR and Chrisitian music...then I realized it was a joke.
  • Not so much an outright joke as a satire.
  • LoL...Im a christian. LOL. Gut I think thats a gas. Its cute...but just cuz you take violence outta something doesnt mean anything. People gotta learn to deal with their own issues by themselves. Keeping violence away from people isnt gonna help, or keeping sex away from em. LoL. Is this real??? LoL. I guess if they like it. Maybe I would dance alittle bit, boogy on with the grooves. Anybody wanna play???...Lets challenge and see who gets top score.
  • "Wholesome Music - Christian Remixes of your favourite dancing tracks, including all your favourites: ♫ Jesu' Chri' ♫ Captain God ♫ Boom Boom Heaven ♫ Oh Lord Please Take My Soul ♫ Operator (Please hook me up with Jesus)" = . *AND NOW* the Carpenter's remix of Janis Joplin! = ♪♫ "Oh, Lawd, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz? My friends all drive Porsches; I must make amends..."♫ [And into AB, I'll doth do blend And, yes, in that process, I might 'offend'...]♪♫ - ;-)
  • The Father, The Son, and the Holy Beat, the new trinity!
  • this is totally offensive. i dedicated my life to christ. its really the way to go. I feel so much love now. nothing like i've ever experienced.
  • LOL ♫ Operator (Please hook me up with Jesus) Heck yes it does!!!!

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