• I'm a guy, I'm about 5'9 and I weight about 160. I can't speculate, but hopefully the data helps.
  • According to the height and weight scale I say you are just fine. Not chubby and definitely not extremely thin. Perhaps hit the weights and tone up if it bothers you so much. I think your mother is telling you that you are thin because she doesn't want you to develop an eating disorder. In this day and age as a parent, I definitely believe it is something they worry about. Go for a run around the block once a day. It couldn't hurt anything.
  • 150 pounds is a normal weight for someone of your height. You are tall, so even if the number seems high, it doesn't mean you are overweight. Do not get caught in the weight loss trap. When I was your age, I was obsessed with weight, but no matter how much I lost, I was never "thin" enough. I thought, "Five more pounds and I'll be happy." But I never was. You should embrace your healthy weight and try to maintain that. Be happy with yourself. I'm sure you are lovely and graceful.
  • You are average for your height. If anything, you are to the low side.
  • Height and weight are average. You are fine.(not chubby but not extremely thin)
  • You are tall, so your weight is fine. Your Mom is right though, unfortunately the media has corrputed our vision of good body images.
  • You're doing just fine. You just need some self-confidence.
  • I'd be more concerned with my heaght then my weight if I were you.
  • I honestly think that at nearly six feet in height and 150 pounds, you have other things that would be better served with your attention than whether or not you're chubby. :):):)
  • You sound perfect to me.
  • You sound like you are in healthy range. I wouldn't worry about it. I think your mom is probably right.
  • your mother is an ass. She will drive you to an eating problem, you can thank her now.
  • 6 foot and 150 is middle of the road male or female..actually light for a male, but I'm 6 even and weight about 155 and I'm 50 yrs in fact. If your mom is real heavy she might have jealousy issues and have a desire to see you large and overweight so that you don't attract guys. Hopefully you eat a well balanced diet so don't fall into the head games some parents play with these kinds of things. The main thing is to be happy with who you are. Weight will never bring happiness, light or heavy. Stick with a well balanced diet, exercise plenty and don't worry about it. You'll have a life time to decide how you want to look in the future. At 16 you have other issues to contend the rest of your life.
  • If you're 16 years old and not very active (like a lot of teens are these days), then you may still be carrying some "baby fat", and may not be as toned as you'd like to be. But that has nothing to do with your weight, and more to do with ... inactivity, and maybe too much fast food (another common problem these days). But for your height, I'd say that your weight should not be a problem at all. Without seeing you, it's hard for anyone to judge for certain, but I'd think that "extremely thin" is probably not correct, and "chubby" is more a function of not being in shape than being overweight. If you start to work out more (you didn't mention your level of activity) and develop more muscle, then you'll actually increase your weight (slightly! don't worry about it!) ... as you lose fat and inches at your waist and hips. Muscle is denser and heavier than fat, but it looks sooooooo much better. As a point of reference, my girlfriend is 5' 1", and DOES work out and eat right. She weighs about 120, and I have never met anyone more beautiful. And I say that objectively, and not just because she's my girlfriend -- she has a wonderful shape.
  • Google Body Mass Index and that will tell u, but I suspect that u have a distorted body image due to our society. I do to sometimes, but its a hard thing to work through.
  • Hit the treadmill fatty.
  • Fact from fiction, truth from diction. How much of that is lean muscle? Based off most of America you are on the thin side, but that is distortion. You can put a cruise ship next to 3 aircraft carriers and call it a small vessel by comparison but it is still a large water craft.
  • 5-14-2017,16yr,5%2711%27%27,150+lbs You are heavier than 87% and taller than 100% of 16 yo girls, so maybe 150 lbs is a proportional weight for you.
  • Neither You're Average
  • i think your mom is probably right

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