• Because they're not stupid. We'd take note of them, and then keep kids away from them. Like with any predator, stealth is a major advantage.
  • Some of them do for example, Jack Mcclellan and Lindsay Ashford. The protest hasn't caught on as popularly as gay rights because of the extreme stigmatism on pedophilia (compare society's gradual coming to accept homosexuality) and our culture's zealous concern for protecting the iconography of "children", being innocent, chaste, pure, etc; thence state controlled segregation of sexuality between age groups. The keeping with misinformation, such as in Austinius's answer (calling them predators), does not help either.
  • Because they know the minute they would do something like that, they become known as predators and will be watched from then on . +4
  • because if they did we would ambush their march and slaughter them like the pigs they are
  • If you read some of the questions and answers on AB about this subject, it's pretty clear that anybody saying they are pedophiles would be the target of anything from social rejection to physical violence. I don't imagine many of them would be willing to face that.
  • In my country they did. They actually tried to get into politics!,_Freedom,_and_Diversity Needless to say there was a huge riot over this.
  • Because parents would arm themselves, and execute the bastards, that's why. However 'ignorant' I may be of a paedophiles reasons for wanting to have sex with my children, I don't want someone elses sexuality pushed upon them, any more than I would appreciate having homosexuality pushed upon me in a similar way. I don't have a problem with anyone being gay, because it is usually an act of two consenting partners, not the will of one person imposed upon another.
  • A few sort-of have done - they have set up campaigning organisations to have the law changed. But even these have had trouble because banks have refused to hold their money one they found out what the organisation was for. And they know perfectly well that, whatever they may think, society vehemently disagrees. If they out themselves, they will be ostracized (which I support) and attacked (which I do not). In a society which will attack someone's house for being a paediatrician, a "out" paedophile could expect an unpleasant life, and perhaps a short one.
  • LOL are you one?
  • They do. NAMBLA. The ACLU even defends them in many of their civil & criminal cases.
  • probably cause they know people will stop them
  • Even if pedophiles think sex with a child is okay I suppose they don't out themselves because they realize its illegal. They could get into major legal trouble with the local police. Plus they would need to register as a sex offender IOW the consequences fall out would be major.
  • The same reason the police are not out marching for their rights to kill Blacks and "doing what they think is right". Or gangs are not outing themselves for marijuana to be legalized so they can have the right to pay taxes on what they earn... etc etc. Many rights are not required for things to be done and most people get things done rightly or wrongly without rights.

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