• The song was done by Joe Frazier and released on a 45 by Prodigal Records.
  • 1) "When I was a teenager my family was a singing group called The Whitney Family. We sang background on a recording Joe Frazier did called "Little Dog Heaven". The lyrics went: "There's got to be / a little dog heaven / where dogs are welcome / no fleas allowed". It was Hysterical, and I've been trying to find that record for years now! He was a really nice man..." Source and further information: 2) "Artist: Jackson, June Side A: Tenderly, With Feeling Side B: Little Dog Heaven (Promo) Label: Bell Number: 173 Grade: VG Type: X O Soul Price: $10.00" Source and further information:,J
  • I can't find a song of that title from further back than 1972. Assuming it's the same song, it was written and originally recorded by June Jackson in 1972. It was covered by Joe Frazier in 1976. I can't find either version on YouTube. Sorry I can't help with the 1966 or 1967 version (if it's the same song).
  • Yes. I have an original 45 rpm record by Joe Frazier. It does exist.
  • never heard of it

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