• I believe the Virgin Mary would beg to differ if anyone ever bothered asking her. But in all fairness, I can't see it anyway so? Said Respectfully Catherine. Because it's you!
  • Did you mean to link to a video or picture of some sort?
  • Hey Catherine where is the video? Give the link!Have a great day!
  • So many videos to choose from! Yes, they are interesting, but I have to wonder why she would bother?
  • Firstly, who says it is the Virgin Mary? I didn't see any shape or form. Secondly, it's a light in the darkness. Mass hysteria. It could have been a piece of something falling on fire. We just don't know. It's too easy to get swept up in the "OMG THIS IS A MIIRRACCLLLLE" mentality before looking at the facts.
  • Ahh, the wonders of modern Video Editing and 3D Graphics. Interesting that, if it was indeed the Virgin Mary, she would just show up and hover around, but not actually do anything.

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