• If it is, it's not my fault!
  • HA! If personal responsibility were eyes, most people would be as blind as a bat. It drives me crazy. +5
  • 100% yes...................
  • Millions of unwanted teen pregnancies each and every year say... Yes.
  • No more than it was before.
  • Absolutely. It starts at an early age. We're so phenomenally protective of kids that they do not learn about consequences until they're old enough to leave the house.
  • Practically nobody saves up money in a bank account anymore.
  • absolutely YES!!!
  • "These days" is a relative term. We seem to alter our standards of society based on our intent to change what has happened in the previous generation. Over the course of time, taboos become acceptable and we become more lenient in a general sense. With the evolution of governments to grant freedoms within the past ~200 years, it becomes more and more acceptable for individuals to demand what they want, when they want. And if they don't get it at first, then they have the right to sue. Civil rights and liberties, of course, are undeniable. But with an activist court system, the judicial branch not only declares unconstitutional acts, but creates law through judicial review and establishing precedence (tyrannical). All it takes is a few mistakes from the government, and the people think they can get away with anything. I would estimate that the issues of personal responsibility, pointing fingers, and the blame game have escalated exponentially. So if these days is the last 10-40 years, then absolutely YES.
  • Either you are joking or you are naive. That is such an emphatic yes that I have to shake my head at the fact that you are asking. I don't think that even the concept of personal responsibility really exists in most people's minds today.
  • I think that it is lacking. People would rather blame someone else than admit they are at fault. I was blessed that 10 years ago, I worked for a man who showed me what integrity was all about. He always would stop and admit when he was wrong. He was a great man.
  • Haven't you heard? We are all victims of something; nothing is our fault anymore. If you smoke or are fat, stupid, ignorant, intolerant, it doesn't matter because it's not your fault. There is probably a commercial by a drug company that offers a pill to correct the problem, you just have to "ask you doctor about" it.
  • No. What we have is a lack of enforcement of personal responsibility.
  • Driven by own self gain and care less for other > YES!
  • BIG. . . . . . .TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Looking through your replies I think it strange that most agree that it is so which brings up other questions. Do all that replied believe it is only others lack it and they themselves have it, or that they too are lacking. It's kinda of like asking about common sense in that everyone seems to others lack what they alone have. Now to define either personal responsibility or common sense that mght be tough. +5
  • PERSONAL respect,responsibility, & reasoning.....
  • Yes, I do because, we as a Society have given that to our goverment by way of apathy. U.S. Supreme Court Mugler v Kansas 123 U.S. 623, 659-60 " Our system of goverment, based upon the individuality and intelligence of the Citizen, the state does not claim to controll him, except as his conduct to others, leaving him the sole judge as to all that only affects himself" We have allowed ourselfs to be conditioned to believe that the goverment knows best! And are now being cared for instead of taking care of ourselfs. +5
  • (I now know that with the spread of technology and, yeh I guess, common sources of entertainment, it's not just an American problem) It's an anonymous world, more and more. People don't know their neighbors; their friends are on-line; there's always some distant source of endless-money to be sued; you can't see the people shoplifting or embezzling hurts. I was blessed with parents who demonstrated--and were known for--their integrity, and yet I had to explain what it meant to my young niece recently: Integrity is when you do the right thing even when no one is watching. She was raised in the dog-eat-dog world of day-care where kids learn the letter of the law, you'd better believe it, but no mention of the spirit of the law.

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